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FOREWORD from the "Ramblings of A Chemical Engineer" Book


I was inspired to choose chemical engineering when I first saw the chemical formula from my father’s chemistry book. The chemical formula shapes look fascinating and interesting to me.

My father was an organic chemistry lecturer in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). When I was 14, I read his organic chemistry book and willingly learnt from it by myself. When I was 17, I wanted to have a career associated with chemistry. Back then, my first choice was chemical engineering and my second choice was biochemistry. To be honest, I was unaware of what chemical engineers do and what the industry is like. I could not imagine it due to lack of exposure and information.

After completing my high school education, I pursued my A-Levels and took 3 core subjects which are essential for engineering: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Then I continued my degree in chemical engineering. I managed to get a place in Bradford University, United Kingdom. I was unlucky because in our contract, practical training or sandwich course is not included by our sponsors. Therefore, we didn’t have any valuable practical and industry exposures. That didn’t matter and I kept on studying until I graduated in 1999.

Post graduate - Research and Development (1999-2002)

After completing my degree, I returned to Malaysia and was appointed as a research assistant for 5 months in UTM. I joined “Chemical Reaction Engineering Group” (CREG), where its main research was developing a single step conversion of natural gas to gasoline using zeolite catalyst. It was a very interesting topic and that encouraged me to further my chemical engineering master’s degree in it. Hence, I then became a full time research student and my research title was “Optimization of Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM) Using Experimental Design”, which is part of the natural gas to gasoline research project.

Oil & Gas Exposure – Servicing Company (2003-2005)

After completing my master, I was offered a job as chemical technologist for a local oil and gas servicing company. In a year, I became a project/chemical engineer in the same company. My main task was to lead the “internal pipeline chemical cleaning” project for a local oil company. We basically have to assist the oil company to reduce corrosion activities inside the downstream pipeline and prolong the life span of it. To efficiently and effectively monitor corrosion activities in the pipelines, we utilized latest corrosion monitoring techniques such as electronic resistant probe (ER) and field signature method (FSM).

I was also in charge of the oil and gas specialty chemicals. I travelled to a number of offshore platforms in East Malaysia to conduct deoiler and descaler tests for their oil reserved. It was very challenging and fun performing those tasks. I love going offshore because the working hours are less compared to the amount of time we spent on the platform. The foods are marvellous and comparable to 5 star hotels. Entertainment and other activities such as television, movies, snooker, ping-pong, gymnasium and reflexology chair are made available for the platform dwellers. To be able to go offshore, I have to undergo Helicopter under Water Escape (HUET) training and get myself an offshore passport. With this job, I travelled extensively and visited neighbouring countries, Singapore and Indonesia, for work purpose.. In Kalimantan, Indonesia, I joined our company principal to conduct bottle test field trial for local oil company on their onshore oil rig. It was a very interesting and exciting assignment because I got to see how simple the setting of an onshore oil rig because in Malaysia we only have expensive and complicated offshore oil rigs/platforms.

Oil Fats Industry – Refinery (2005-2008)

I love my oil and gas career but I was unfortunate because I could not continue being in that industry. The company management has bigger plans and they moved to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.  I was instructed to transfer which I could not do because I don’t want to hinder my wife’s career establishment as a lecturer/researcher/consultant in UTM and we also have just purchased a house in Johor Bahru, the same year.

I seek for other jobs and managed to get one in a physical refining plant in the oil and fats industry. This is a whole new chapter and totally different from my previous job. I was required to punch in and out every time we enter or exit the factory. Life is no longer as flexible as before. I don’t have ample time to do my work and that made me work longer hours and I always reach home when it’s already dark. I don’t really mind because it’s a new working environment and I know I have to learn as fast as possible. I set my target to know everybody around my circle of work as soon as possible.

My first task given by my boss was to identify and list down all the valves in the plant I was in charge of. It was an interesting and good assignment. It made me traced the entire pipeline from the feed tank to the plant and to the product tank. I learned a lot of stuff regarding valves. I know and understand various types of valves, brand/ origin, sizes, spare parts, principle/operation, tag number etc. In addition to that, indirectly, I learned about the plant process and operation. That was just the beginning.

Being in a process plant is a perfect place to learn and put in practice my unit operation knowledge. It also gave me a better comprehension on what process control is all about. I learned about other supporting units like heat exchangers, cooling towers, high pressure boilers, utility boilers and much more. The learning curve continued every day and never stopped. Not only that I learn about all the technical stuff, handling manpower and conflict is another challenging area that I made myself good at. Manpower is not an easy matter to deal with. Some of my down line manpower never experienced any disciplinary action taken when they violated certain laws such as coming in late and simply not coming to work. Despite a series of reminder and warning, the bad attitude still continues. I could not stand it. With the support of my senior colleague, I enforced the discipline and forced them to obey. I gave the problematic staff some disciplinary action. I want them to learn some lesson and be more serious towards their responsibility and work.

During plant shut down, I learned a lot. Techniques on ensuring the fastest and effective way to cool down the plant, managing and coordinating a team of people to service the plant, conducting air test, steam test and driving the plant start-up are among some knowledge I acquired.

A Little Something from Me

There is a lot to share, but it’s impossible to include everything here. I’m glad to have experienced chemical engineering in three different areas; research (academics); oil and gas; and oil and fats. Each area has their own challenges, advantages and unique. Being very vague about the chemical engineering industry during my student life urged me to improve the situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody can tell and share what they can expect from the industry? It will be some sort of a chemical engineering informal education for the students and other junior engineers. That is why despite of my busy life as a process engineer (previously), I progressively and continuously share some of my experiences in my “Chemical Engineering World” blog that I created in 2006. I sincerely hope it can provide at least some useful information for fellow young chemical engineers. I believe it’s a good thing if other professional and practicing engineers out there can do the same for others to benefit. It will be a great contribution.

Below are some of the photos of those grabbed hold of my book :)

With Dato' Prof. Ir. Dr. Rafiq, Dean of Engineering Faculty, UTM. Thanks for the support Dato'.

With Prof Ir. Dr. Zain Manan, Deputy Vice Chancellor, UTM. Appreciate your guide and encouragement Prof... 😀 .

With Dr. Asmadi Yussuf... Already received the book few days ago, but we didn't make this post that time, so now we seize the moment 😂 .

With Nabila, PhD Student under the supervision of Dr. Zarina Muis and Prof. Ir. Dr. Linda Hashim.

Wow... Dr. Peng Yen from MJIT, UTM is not just very tall, but also among those very supportive of my efforts. Tks bro.

With Dr. Azizul Azri Mustaffa. Thank you for your support and some interesting points and comments just now 😀  .

Part of ICLCA 2018 committee & my book being displayed :)

With beloved Prof Dr. Mohd Nawi Derahman :) at his beautiful house.

With my ex-student, Luqman who is working in Pasir Gudang.

With my MSc and PhD Supervisor, Prof. Ir. Dr. Nor Aishah Saidina Amin.

With My Engineering Education Mentor, Prof. Dr. Khairiyah Mohd Yusof @ Center for Engineering Education, UTM.

With Lotte's tough and genius dude :) — with Muhammad Zakwan Zaine at School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, UTM.

With Khairil Anwar Razali at School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, UTM.

A friend's daughter holding my book :)

To learn further or to buy this book, please click the link below:


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Freshly released from the oven. My VERY FIRST BOOK.


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Special price for October 2018 


Ramblings of A Chemical Engineer - the blue book

There is a lot to share, but it’s impossible to include everything in the book. I’m glad to have experienced chemical engineering in three different areas; research; oil and gas; and oil and fats. Each area has its own challenges, advantages and uniqueness. Being very vague about the chemical engineering industry during my student life urged me to improve the situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody can tell and share what they can expect from the industry? It will be some sort of a chemical engineering informal education for the students and other junior engineers. That is why I progressively and continuously share some of my experiences in this book. I sincerely hope it can provide at least some useful information for fellow young chemical engineers and chemical engineering students. I believe it’s a good thing if other professional and practicing engineers out there can do the same for others to learn. It will be a great contribution.

"Learn something about chemical engineering that is not in your textbook".

Some of the copies of the book

Some of the table of content of the book

More table of content of the book


"I read Zaki’s writings from 2008, it has been 10 years that I am following his interesting web based publications. There is always something to learn from his writings and more importantly those are not in standard text books. Zaki is one of the rare chemical engineering professionals who understand the value of dissemination of knowledge to public as well as young chemical professionals. Generally in traditional engineering fields such as chemical and process engineering, knowledge is being transferred one-to-one which is quite slow and inefficient. However, effort of Zaki and such knowledge sharing professionals will change the eco-system in chemical engineering for good!"
- Dr. Thushara Subasinghe, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

"Ramblings of A Chemical Engineer! The title says it all. It is a compilation of wonderful stories of life as a student and chemical engineer. Zaki has managed to shine a light on chemical engineering world by sharing good stories, wonderful experiences, topical issues and much more. And all this in an entertaining way! Thank you Zaki, for putting your experiences ‘in word’ so many of us can learn, get inspired, and be motivated by your pen!"
- Dr. Aziatul Niza Sadikin, School of Chemical & Energy Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

"Ramblings of A Chemical Engineer is a good book which features the real life experience sharing by Zaki & indeed beneficial to students, young engineer or academics who have not had opportunities to be in the chemical process or related industries. Thumbs up to the author!"
- Dr. Siti Shawalliah Idris, Universiti Teknologi MARA

"I enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it to any chemical engineering student, junior chemical engineer or just chemical engineering enthusiast regardless of age."
Tarig Hussein, CTP Trainee in an American multinational engineering, procurement, construction and installation company based in Europe.

Professor Kamarul Asri from School of Chemical & Energy Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) gets my new book. 

Fizzat @ DR. Love (my student), among the first buyer of my book


- Purely a sharing of my experiences from 1997-2008.
- 255 pages of informative casual ramblings.
- Simple English and easy to be understood.
- Awesome Bonuses ---> available in the last 3 pages.
- It's a self-published book.
- Size of book is 6" x 9".
- Great suitable reading for (1) potential chemical engineering students / secondary school students; (2) university chemical engineering students; (3) junior chemical engineers; and (4) academicians and researchers, and (5) of course others who just want to learn and know what a chemical engineer really does...


Not RM275

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So, how much does it really cost?

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Yes, RM40 per book, for a limited time only. And you can learn a lot from my sharing.

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Zaki, I want to order your book. How can I order it?

Simple. Here are the steps:
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I will then process the order. I will then courier the book directly to you at the designated address.

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For international buyer, please kindly email me "zaki.yz[alias]gmail.com" for further information to buy this book. Thanks for your consideration.


Zaki has been fond to be a chemical engineer since he was 14 and in 1999 he earned his Chemical Engineering bachelor degree. He has been in various industries such as oil and gas as well as oil and fats. He realized that there was lack of information or sharing about real chemical engineering career, experiences and exposure from practicing engineer; and that was the reason he started Chemical Engineering World blog in 2006, which received overwhelming responses from chemical engineering students and junior engineers around the globe. In 2008, he started Chemical Engineering Facebook Page which managed to attract 29k followers. His personal mission is to help build interest, excitement and enhance knowledge within the chemical engineering community in line with his favourite tagline, “Learn something about chemical engineering that is not in your textbook.”


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"Ramblings of a Chemical Engineer" eBook

Fresh and hot from the oven is my new eBook, "Ramblings of a Chemical Engineer". Standby to DOWNLOAD this 100+ pages which is a little collection of my learning curves and experiences as an engineer. Stay tune and wait for it as I will open it for download this Sunday, 13th May 2018.

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The Author


I’m Zaki. I used to be a project, process and chemical engineer. Few years ago I successfully became a Chartered Engineer (IChemE) and Professional Engineer (BEM). I'm now employed as a chemical engineering educator/researcher/consultant. Hope you like reading my blog. I welcome any feedback from you. My email: zaki.yz[alias]gmail.com. TQ!

Learn something about Chem Eng that is not inside your text book.
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