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New Chemical-Engineering- Forum.com Launched

I'm delighted to inform that, we are changing the forum platform to a better, powerful, attractive and dynamic one.

Five main boards are made available to cover most of the chemical engineering issues; they are: (1) General (2) Industry (3) Professional and Practicing Engineer (4) Student Zone and (5) Classifieds. Everybody and anybody are invited to join and participate in the forum. The new forum can be reached at http://www.chemical-engineering-forum.com OR from the Forum link in this blog.

Unlike the previous forum (which will be canceled), this new forum will have moderators from various chemical engineering backgrounds and sectors to produce a more active and lively discussion. Moderators consists of engineers, lecturers, researchers, consultants, and students as well. We hope members can learn, discuss and gain a lot from this forum.

The welcome message from forum administrator: http://chemical-engineering-forum.com/index.php?topic=2.0

One of the topic posted which asked about why pipeline is cylindrical: http://chemical-engineering-forum.com/index.php?topic=7.0

Check out the rest and be a forum member at: http://www.chemical-engineering-forum.com

If you have previously registered in the old forum from this blog before, I hope you can re-register in the new http://www.chemical-engineering-forum.com.

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