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I am very delighted to share a very good information surrounding us Chemical Engineers and the future chemical engineers. ICheme has just published a new report setting out and explaning how chemical engineers can provide possible solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Chemical Engineering Matters focuses on four areas where chemical engineers can make a positive impact on (1) securing sustainable energy supplies (2) food and nutrition (3) access to clean water, and (4) health and wellbeing.

“Chemical engineering is a vital part of the jigsaw that is 21st century living. IChemE is dedicated to advancing chemical engineering worldwide; and this new report restates our intention to support chemical and process,” says Ed Daniels, IChemE technical vice president and executive vice president of Shell’s downstream business. 

The 15 page report explores the application of chemical engineering and also presents current thinking on safety and risk, education, training and research. It claims that there will be no universal solution to meet growth in global energy demand, acknowledging that fossil fuel assets will maintain a central position in the world’s energy economy for decades but warns that a shift towards decarbonisation and sustainable energy use is required.

The report is an update of IChemE’s technical strategy, first published in 2007, though with a change in focus.

“The original document was seen as too restricting,” says IChemE director of policy and communications Andrew Furlong. “The 20 position statements that it contained are still valid, and IChemE will still work in order to deliver against those propositions, but the original roadmap took some criticism because its didn’t focus strongly enough on wealth creation and it didn’t really take into account external matters.

“The new document, Chemical Engineering Matters, is more of a statement of possibilities. ‘This is what chemical engineering is all about in the 21st century. This is what chemical engineers can do.”

Part of the section discussing about the sustainable energy vista - now, near, horizon and breakthrough. Click the image for bigger and clearer view.
The document insists that IChemE remains politically neutral, but does cite the need for greater engagement with policy-makers to ensure decisions that impact upon funding and regulation are evidence based. It also highlights the need for increased public engagement to overcome a negative, often inaccurate, public perception of chemistry, chemicals and chemical engineering.

“This is not just a document that will sit on our desks,” says IChemE CEO David Brown. “It will guide policy development and how we plan our work for the future.”

Chemical Engineering Matters is available for at no cost download from the IChemE website.

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