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Industrial Tools at their Best

 What exactly are industrial tools? Let me provide my understanding on what industrial tools actually are. Briefly, industrial tools are equipment that can help making certain work in plant, refinery, workshop etc faster, smooth, easier and more accurate. Industrial tools are, crucially, an inevitable part of the industrial work. I witnessed and was directly involved using few industrial tools when I was involved in some projects such as internal pipeline chemical cleaning or the physical refinery plant annual shutdown. Let's learn more about these industrial tools.

There are various types of industrial tools. However, from what I have observed, the most important one is power industrial tools, which I would like to cover in this article. A power tool is a tool that is actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than the solely manual labour used with hand tools. Without the help of the power industrial tools, some work is impossible. Some examples of power industrial  tools are the impact driver,  air compressor, chainsaw, concrete saw, crusher, pneumatic torque wrench, vacuum cleaner,power wrench and plenty of others.

A portable compressor like this is an example of a useful portable industrial tool.

Basically, there are two groups of power industrial tools. The first one is the portable ones, which can be transferred and moved from one place to another while the second one is the stationery one that are kept permanently at one dedicated place. For example, several small compressors, like the above photo from Nixon Hire, can be portable whist a bigger compressor is in stationary position. Another example of a portable one is an electrical hammer drill and a battery powered drill, which I just personally own. I just keep them to make my household work easier and faster when I need to drill or fix/remove screws etc. I have always wanted a powerful electrical hammer drill and hand drill, and I got both went I was doing my research attachment in Newcastle in the previous May-June.

This is my own power tool. It is a portable electrical motor power hammer drill. I purchased this for Hexham Carboot Sale, near Newcastle. It has been one of my best buy so far as I got it really cheap.

In general, there are three mechanisms to drive power industrial tools which are usingelectric motor system, gas online engine and compressed air. Each has its own pros and cons. However, from my experience, the most popular depending on common situation and work is the electric motor power industrial tool. It is easier to handle compared to the bulky gas online engine and the compressed air powered tool. It is also easier to be used on higher levels/floor, for instance, in a multiple storey refinery. Just plug the electric motor power tool into a power point socket available on that level and the tool is ready to go.

As a concluding remark, it is imperative to understand the fact that the power industrial tools play in the industry, from just as simply making a hole to a major construction works involving heavy machinery. The power industrial tools are the source of efficient, accurate work in the industry. Doing the same work manually with take double or even triple amount of time and normally produced poor quality work. In case you want to learn or need specific industrial tool, Nixon Hire, a company based in UK can be very helpful indeed.

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