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Early February Random Musing

New Academic Semester
Next week the new semester will start, which means busy time again. Undergraduate students will return and a new semester will proceed. This semester I will be teaching Process Control and Instrumentation (SKK3144) which carries 4 credits and Process Control Laboratory (SKK 3171) which carries 1 credit. Both subjects are very interesting, challenging and exciting. This time, the Process Control and Instrumentation subject will be conducted via the Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach. The 3rd year students have experienced such learning style during their 1st year tenure via the Introduction to Engineering Subject. Probably they've forgotten and we will do some refreshing on the first week of class. The subject will be conducted in parallel with the Process Control Lab. This simply means that all the case study discussed will be related to the lab. An important thing to take note is that I am honoured to be the Coordinator for the Process Control Lab. It's my first time and I need to do my very best, for sure.

Before the semester begin, 4 meetings have been held dedicated to design and plan the Process Control and Instrumentation class. There will be more meetings coming on to perfect the PBL delivery for this subject. Some students may think and feel that this PBL approach is tough and time consuming. However, as a person who has been in the industry for more 6 years plus, I have a point to say that what these students are/will be going through are useful throughout their chemical engineering career. It will build their soft skills and confidence as well as other imperative trait as a indispensable engineer.

I was given this new book for my next next semester teaching for Introduction to Engineering

Research Students

I am also working on my research within my capacity.  I don't have any post graduate students yet. However, I will be having several undergraduate students doing their undergraduate research work for 2 semesters. I have given them new research topics and I really hope I can inspire and guide them to do their research excellently. The productivity for research work will definitely be measured in terms of research publication in reputable journals. It won't be easy but we'll grab the challenge.

Research Grants

I have heard from my other half that the opening for new university research grant and national research grant will be announced soon. I have not prepared a proper research grant yet. As a new academician and researcher, I need to find some time to prepare 1 or 2 research proposal and get the ball running. Once I secure a research grant than the rest will hopefully be easier. The first time will normally be tough.

Contract Research

Early 2014, I was approached by senior researcher to be part of a research project funded by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). The project is super interesting and had opened my views, ideas and perception in cross chemical engineering discipline. We are working on the project as a team and will be meeting up again next week to scrutinize the project detail. The project is spearheaded by a researcher from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). The photo below was snapped at the end of our meeting just now.

The research team for the contract research project under the QNRF

Professional Engineer Related Stuffs

Well, since I am already a professional engineer, my role now are more focus on helping others be one. Numerous engineers and academician approached me seeking for advise, stamping and signature for their forms as well as to enroll as graduate member or member. It's my responsibility to assist and guide them. However, I am not yet eligible to be a mentor. I can only be this coming November, that's 3 years after I successfully be a member of Institute of Engineer's Malaysia (IEM). So, to those of you who wants me to be your mentor, please hold on. Alternatively you can get hold of other readily available mentors.

Journal Paper Publications

I have written and will be writing several papers this year. It is indeed not easy. However, I hope I can publish some this year. Early this year, I already had 1 journal rejecting my paper within 2 working days. I have one that is currently under review. Two is under consideration for 2 different international conferences. One that has already been published in January was one that I am the co-author. Hmmm... there are several mores, but I want to be under the radar for now.

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