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The only rambling I have for 2015...

Time flies. Flies so fast. I did not noticed that I have not posted anything in this Chemical Engineering World blog this year of 2015. My bad. I have been really fully occupied with numerous on-going tasks, projects and responsibilities. Fortunately, I still have time to muse a word or two in 2015. Well, nothing much to write here but just wanted to highlight few things of 2015.

2015 Grand Opening

What a great way to open up 2015 with a publication accepted a highly sort after Energy journal. I hope 2016 will come up with more exciting publication such as this. Well, that means more hard works and more time to invest towards this effort. Thanks Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anwar Johari and Mr. Bembga Bevan Nyakuma for inviting me to contribute a bit for this journal.

The manuscript in Energy journal. Bravo guys... :)

The first and the second...

It was a complete struggle to seek and search for a Ph.D student. The journey to find one has been quite a long pain staking effort since I wrapped my very own Ph.D, end 2013. My eLPPT record, that's what our academic KPI system is measured by, indicated i don't have any post graduate students for 2014, and that looked bad. If not bad to others, I personally don't like the look of it. Fortunately, first quarter 2015 opened a new window to my personal post graduate supervision endevour. Finally, my very first full time Ph.D student and first Industrial Ph.D student, which I am the main supervisor. I promise myself that I will guide and supervise them the best that I can. This, I can say is one of the monumental moment for me as an academician and researcher. (

Cultural Gorgeous Bali

It is at this beautiful island that I presented my paper about thermodynamic analysis of glycerol conversion to olefins in The 2nd International Materials, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Conference (MIMEC2015). The conference took place on early February 2015.

MIMEC 2015 conference hall was really huge. This is the venue for key note speaker.

This is one of the proof that I am here.

Presenting my research work. It went well :)

My conference name tag 

 The program book

The paper presented

A visit to a mountain in the center of Bali. A superb spectacular view and peaceful place to be.

Me and my other half at on of our must stop place at Bali.

Historical Phenomenal Istanbul

For me, this is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. The trip was actually to accompany my other half to the 2015 APCBEES Istanbul Conference. conference. It took place in April 2015. My wife, Dr. Mazura Jusoh, highly sort after progressive freeze crystallization (PFC) expert, presented her research work on a new PFC design for desalination of seawater.

The banner. The conference is quite small...

Dr. Mazura Jusoh posing with some delegates / presenters.

Part of the participants of the conference

A visit to Emirgan Park

Bosphorus river

Blue Mosque view

My Google Scholar 2015 (just for record)... 

Hmmm... for record, I would like to take this google scholar screenshot for the end of 2015. Then let's compare it later and see if there will be positive progress. 

Citation - 84
h-index - 3
i10-index - 3 

If you asked me, I think not bad for me as I just started my journey as a true academician after my Ph.D in 2013. Here is the link for my real time Google Scholar page.

Master Plan for 2016

I won't post a microscopic detail of it, but rather a macroscopic one. I would like to focus more on research, secure 1 or 2 research grants, publish more in reputable journals, write and publish a book, commercialize a product. Seems too many, but what's wrong with that. Let's try and do it, and see how it goes...

As for all of you, i trust you also have your own 2016 goals. Go for it. Embrace and work for it. All the best. Happy New Year :)

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