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Chemical Engineers Role in Developing Survival Food During Emergency Crisis

I just read a website about forgotten survival food last week. It kept me thinking if I am prepared or not if the day we live now become a chaotic scenario, havoc, crisis, emergency, or suddenly a war occurred. Are we ready? Do we have the stock food to keep on surviving?

I’m a Chemical Engineering educator and am constantly involved in research work. It made me think if I have sufficiently thought of improving the great list of survival food introduced by Art Rood. Personally, I think chemical engineers have an amazing role to play in this.

Here is what I think Chemical Engineers can do…

Chemical engineers can make use of their expertise in chemical processes and food science to contribute to the discovery of superfoods that can aid in survival. They can use their knowledge to develop sustainable methods of growing and processing food, analyze the nutritional content of different foods, create new techniques for preserving food, optimize existing food processing methods and develop food fortification techniques. This way chemical engineers are able to help identify foods that are rich in essential nutrients, making them "superfoods" for survival.

Chemical engineers can utilize their knowledge of bioprocessing and agricultural engineering to create new, sustainable ways of growing food. They can also use their understanding of food chemistry to identify foods that are high in essential nutrients. 

With their expertise in food science and preservation techniques, chemical engineers can develop new methods for keeping food fresh and safe for consumption. They can also optimize food processing methods to make food more nutritious and less wasteful. Additionally, chemical engineers can use their knowledge of food chemistry and nutrition to fortify food with essential nutrients, making it a "superfood" for survival.

To summarize, chemical engineers can use their knowledge and skills to develop sustainable food production methods, identify nutrient-rich foods, develop new food preservation techniques, optimize food processing methods and develop food fortification to help in discovering superfoods for survival.

What about you?

What do you think?

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I’m Zaki. I used to be a project, process and chemical engineer. Few years ago I successfully became a Chartered Engineer (IChemE) and Professional Engineer (BEM). I'm now employed as a chemical engineering educator/researcher/consultant. Hope you like reading my blog. I welcome any feedback from you. My email: zaki.yz[alias]gmail.com. TQ!

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