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Four Basic Engineering Related Trainings in October

October was a really hectic month for me. Not only that I'm hooked up with my research studies but also I attended four (4) Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) trainings. 3 of the trainings were categorized as mandatory training which I have to attend as demanded by Boards of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). It is definitely not an easy route or task to be a professional engineer in Malaysia, but that is a challenge all engineers in this country should dare to take. For the first 3 training mentioned below, I have to travel to Petaling Jaya in Klang Valley and stay a night there on each occasion. The 4th training was just in my vicinity, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai.

Followings are the trainings that I have recently attended in the month of October.

1. Engineering Code of Ethics (12 CPD hours) 4 & 5 October, IEM Building, PJ.

2. Engineering Management Practice (12 CPD hours) 19 & 20 October, , IEM Building, PJ.

3. Safety and Health at Work (12 CPD hours) 25 & 26 October, IEM Building, PJ.

4. Engineering Failure Analysis (7 CPD hours) 23 October, Faculty of Mechanical, UTM.

All of the trainings mentioned above have certain fees to be paid and that is part of the commitment to be and maintain ourselves as a professional engineer.

During the Engineering Failure Analysis training, on the tea break, I have a chat with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ir. Shuhaimi (who also is a committee member for the IEM Southern Branch) from Mechanical Engineering Faculty, UTM. He told me that an engineer chatted with him about him spending more than RM4000 already that year just to attend trainings to maintain his CPD hours and maintain his title as a professional engineer. The cost includes training fees, fees, food, accommodation etc.

Basically, this message shows that to maintain professional engineer status it requires certain amount of cash. It is very good that engineers attend training to strengthen and enhance their knowledge. It is also good that as engineers, we can learn other disciplines, information, field of engineering. On top of that, we can mingle around and do networking with other engineers.

I personally agree with the fact that all professional engineers need to attend trainings and courses, technical visits and tours. I can say this because I have personally experience it and felt the benefit. I am exposed to more engineering and industrial information besides learning some of it from Discovery channel!!!

I also managed to be friends with several dozens of engineers from various disciplines, background and industries when I attended those trainings. I have more contacts and I strongly believe that is beneficial for me. It is good for me to have new civil, electrical, mechanical and chemical engineer friends. Off course, we exchanged our name cards and other contact details.

Interestingly, with reference to the mandatory courses that I attended, I discovered that there were those of the age of 36 to 48 attending the course. These people, despite of their age, still have the desire to get an engineering degree (which obviously they earned it) and pursue their own quest to be professional engineer. I have full respect of them... These people still have the will power and desire to get themselves chartered and recognizable.

So, regardless of your age, get yourself chartered or have the professional engineer status if you still don't have it. If you are still young (just recently graduated), go for it. Get the right information, get yourself registered and follow all the necessary training program. Don't delay and hesitate. Time will not wait.

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