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Superb State of the Art Laser Technology - One Stop Laser Solution

I have came across a very amazing laser technology business last year which is called Northeast Laser & Electropolish. This is without doubt a really impressive company, the one which has one stop solution for all laser related technology. It can easily solve your laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting and laser engraving. I must admit that my favourite part when viewing the video below is how simple and cool the laser engraving process was carried on. Oh...I wish I can have own or be part of this fantastic company here in my country, perhaps opening a Northeast Laser & Electropolish branch here in Malaysia. Will that be super cool stuff?

Maybe this is not really directly related to Chemical Engineering, but if we want to be a rich chemical engineer, I strongly believe, we must have the desire and start our very own business (anything from small manufacturing product up to becoming a consultant or expert in some technical areas). A laser related business may require a high capital but I believe, our technical engineering knowledge can cope well with the laser industry. Despite of this is a laser tech business, we still can apply some of our chemical engineering skill and knowledge such as the environmental, safety and health, technical drawing an calculation etc.

Common, check out the video below. Tell me if this is cool or not... :)

If you are interested to explore further about the technical and business stuffs that Northeast Laser & Electropolish offering, check out their official site at:www.northeastlaser.com.

Regarding the recent survey...
Ops...If you have not answered the short survey that I published few days ago, here is the link. I hope you can kindly assist me answer just 10 simple very basic question in my quest to prepare a good Professional Engineer guide. I can't say how thankful I am for your sincere help. Thanks...

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