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I'm a Newcastle University Student for 2 Months

I'm still doing my Ph.D in Chemical Engineering and I'm in my final year. My university allows its staff who is doing Ph.D locally to engage in a research attachment anywhere in the world for a period of 3 months/year or a combination of 9 months per 3 year. Hence, I took the opportunity to go for this research attachment. However, I only took 2 months out of the maximum 9 months allocated. That's fine. 

After discussion with my supervisor, I decided to perform the research attachment in Newcastle University, United Kingdom, under a newly promoted professor whom is Dr. Adam Harvey and another lecturer, Dr. Job Lee. Prof. Adam Harvey is professor in the field of process intensification. I'm going to work on my thermodynamic modelling of my reaction for this 2 months duration. Yes, for this 2 months, 2 supervisors will be monitoring my progress.

My tenure as a Newcastle University occasional student is effective from 1st of May until 30th June 2012. I registered on my first week in the UK and met my supervisors on the first Friday of May. I was allocated a desk in the Research Associate room C124 in the first floor of Merz Court, the building hosting the School of Chemical Engineering and Advance Material. A PC was placed at work place complete with the latest Aspen and Matlab software for me to perform my thermodynamic modelling research.

17 days has passed and I have managed to get my Gibbs free energy datas via Aspen software. Now, I'm working on the Matlab to solve 15 of my non-linear simultaneous equations which have 15 unknowns. Since I don't have any Matlab background, it is quite tough. I need to learn the basic of Matlab and learn the software by hard. I appreciate anybody who help me with Matlab who knows how to incorporate "Ln" in the non-linear simultaneous equation matrix.

To make things clear and in perspective, my mission to come to the UK for two months is to produce 2 technical papers. One is related to the thermodynamic modelling while the second paper is related to the catalytic conversion of glycerol to hydrogen. It ain't easy. It's a difficult and tough tasks for me. Anybody who writes a technical papers know how hard and how long it is to write a technical paper. Well, that is basically what my supervisor have asked me to do in the UK.

Besides that, I'm going to take the opportunity to learn various reactors available in the Chemical Engineering and Advanced Material school as well as other crucial and imperative equipments. I'm also going to get as many contacts and attempt for any future research collaboration with researchers here. Well, let's just see how it goes.

I hope I can accomplish my goals in this 2 months smoothly. Then, I'll continue with my research work and try my best to submit my thesis by September this year. Again, let's see how it goes. Wish me the best of luck ok... :)


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