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What is Knovel and Get Free Knovel webminar this October

Have you heard of Knovel? Do you know about Knovel? Have you use it?

Personally, I have used Knovel since the past 2 years. I stumbled upon Knovel by accident when I was searching for some thermodynamic data to calculate Gibbs free energy of some of the chemical compound under my study. For me Knovel is extremely useful for engineers and scientist reference.

Knovel is actually a web-based application integrating technical information with analytical and efficient search tools to drive innovation and deliver answers engineers can trust swiftly. It is an online database that provides answers for engineers and scientists and is used to find technical information, for problem solving, improving processes, locating new materials, research, finding new formulas and much more. Knovel’s solution is uniquely optimized. These factors combine to make Knovel so much more than e-books. Knovel users can find the information they need and can trust the information they find – ultimately allowing them to work more productively. 

It includes three main components which are: 
  1. Access to the most comprehensive engineering reference content sourced from the leading societies, publishers and authors.
  2. Powerful search engine designed around the ways engineers search for information.
  3. Interactive tools that normalize information across content sources and bring content to life by making tables, charts, equations, plotters and graphs interactive.
If you are the type of person who constantly requires in depth technical information as fast as possible, you need to refer to Knovel for the fastest information retrieval. From my experience, sometimes it is hard to obtain specific information from a book that we don't have and for that reason we need to go to the library. However, if you have an account with Knovel, you don't need to go to the library anymore. You can just log into your account and search the information you need. 

Well, the only downside I see from this is you need to have an account in order to be able to access this superb information portal. To have an account your organization need to have an account. If your organization do not have yet, you can recommend your organization to subscribe to Knovel. Knovel offers enterprise and academic subscription plans that take into account the size of your organization, your user population and your information needs. 

As for me, since I am an IChemE member, I have the privilege to use Knovel since IChemE member can access Knovel free of charge via IChemE portal membership. If you are an IChemE member, just log into your IChemE website by inserting your membership number and password and then look at the left sidebar. You will see Knovel in one of the option tabs there. Just click there and follow the instruction to be led to the IChemE Knovel section.

 Check out the Knovel section highlighted in the red circle in the IChemE member area (Click the image for bigger and clearer view).

Some of the books, handbooks, manual etc in the Knovel membership area (Click the image for bigger and clearer view).

More good news!!!

IChemE will be conducting a Free Knovel webminar this coming October.

If you are an IChemE member you can register now for a free Knovel training webinar. Join them for a free online webinar and get more out of Knovel.

The Knovel library is a free resource for IChemE members. It is an online database that provides answers for engineers and scientists and is used to find technical information, for problem solving, improving processes, locating new materials, research, finding new formulas and much more.

The webinar will include:

IChemE - Introduction to Knovel

Wednesday 3 October 2012
14:00 to 15:00 GMT/ 09:00 to 10:00 EDT

To register for your place for this session go the website.

IChemE - Introduction to Knovel

Thursday 11 October 2012
12:00 to 13:00 AEST/ 09:00 to 10:00 MYT

To register for your place for this session go to the website.

If you are not yet an IChemE member and want to join this webminar and also get free Knovel access, you can register yourself with IChemE. 
For IChemE members, if you have any other questions regarding the Knovel Webminar, you can contact me directly  Samantha Tyson (Communications officer)  at styson[alias]icheme.org.

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