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My Latest Contribution: Dictionary of Industrial Terms, Wiley Publication

After contributing a chapter in a book published under John Wiley titled Process Plant Equipment Operation, Reliability and Control, I contributed my mind and energy in another book. The contribution is not that significant but at least I assisted a small portion for the creation of this new book. This time I contributed some of the technical terms found in chemical engineering for the book titled "Dictionary of Industrial Terms". The book is edited by Michael D. Holloway and Chikezie Nwaoha. (January 2013) Dictionary of Industrial Terms. Scrivener Publishers, USA. pp 678. ISBN: 9781118344576.

The book will be out in print by January 2013. Currently, the final draft and cover of the book is already available for printing and promotion. You can read more about the book on the following links:


About this book
It is believed that this is the most comprehensive and in-depth dictionary of industrial terms available, a must-have for any engineer, scientist, technician, or operator working in industry.
Targeted Audience
The book is targeted for engineers, scientists, technicians, operators, and managers working in industry often don’t have quick access to a go-to reference of industrial terms, especially on the shop floor or in the plant. This book is meant to address that need.

The terms process, control, reliability and machinery are used broadly here. But some other categories are covered, such as corrosion, asset management, lubrication, quality control, process and occupational safety. The alphabetically arranged entries range from a few words to a page or more. It is an essential reference for all reliability professionals, process engineers, plant operators, corrosion and lubrication personnel, and repair and maintenance personnel. Over 11,000 entries (arranged from A to Z) all alphabetically arranged and special features to encourage usage and understanding. They are supplemented by hundreds of figures (approximately 200) & tables (more than 100) that clearly demonstrate the principles & concepts behind important process control, instrumentation, reliability, machinery, asset management, lubrication, corrosion etc.

When unclear communication occurs in the process industry, the problems that result can be expensive - costly downtime and equipment failure. Here's where the ‘Nwaoha and Holloway’ Process, Reliability, and Machinery Dictionary terms can eliminate much of this frustration and cost. Now, everybody including you, your staff, vendors, contract employees, and consultants can quickly refer to this glossary's more than 11,000 terms and definitions. This helpful dictionary provides a common ground for effective communication. It is an essential reference for all reliability professionals, process engineers, plant operators, and repair and maintenance personnel etc Its ideal for engineers, managers, salespeople, technicians, students, and technical writers, this volume is packed with practical information.

Following illustrates part of the contributors for this book. My name is the last one on the list.

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