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Early Chapter as a Chemical Engineering Student

When I decided to study chemical engineering long ago, i did not really know about the course. I fancy chemistry, and that directed me to chemical engineering. That time the internet is still not there, or perhaps very very new to human beings....So, without really knowing what the hell is chemical engineering, i just took the course. Applied the program from the local education ministry, get myself and interview for a schorlarship/loan....And there I'm on my way to become a chemical engineer...which i still don't really know about it.

So, I started the early chapter as a chemical engineering student by entering the A-Level program at Institute Teknologi Mara, Centre of Preparatory Education. It's basically a twinning program between the Malaysian government and the United Kingdom's. The plan was, to do the A-Level for 2 year, another year of first year university at the "Nothern Consortium United Kingdom" (NCUK) [still in Malaysia], and then if we passed our first year, we shall proceed to universities in the UK for another 2 years.

Well, A-Level is supposed to be 2 years. But in actual, the REAL A-Level was 1.5 years. The other 0.5 year, which was the first 6 months of the 2 years, was just pure English study, comprehension, speaking, writting etc. Well, this is to really prepare ourself to be proficient in English when we go to UK. So, after that 6 months I started learning those 3 basic subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Well, there's definitely some practical lesson/lab for physics and chemistry. For maths, we studied pure maths and mechanics...Don't ask me now, I forgot all those stuff....So, now the objective is to score good result in the A-Level program so that we can go to good decent university in UK. Well, to make it short, I get average result for my A-Levels. And i manage to get myself a place in Bradford University, in the Midland of Britain. But first, i have to complete and pass the NCUK before going to UK....to be continued....

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