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What I Get After My 5 Days Break

Yesterday, I began work after the 5 days break. It was a paradoxical emotion getting back to work while the festive season is still alive. It felt like the break was not enough. Would it be better if I can stretch my annual leaves to next Sunday. That would be a cool 9 days break for me. Well, I just have to face the fact that my annual leaves and public holidays are just 5 days. I have a number of responsibilities at work that requires me to get back to work early. One of the plant is stopped due to lack of raw material/crude oil and we are forced to take the opportunity to do some maintenance job.

Preparing a 5 days daily production reports after the break was not a speedy one as usual. It took me longer hours to prepare the report due to some changes in production planning. Having an annual management review meeting after lunch yesterday did not help me to reduced my job load. In fact, I received additional tasks and reports to be prepared within 48 hours. Up till now, I haven't completed the report yet. Well, I have to rush for it after this.

I also have to prepare for tomorrows maintenance coordination meeting. Wow..., there are really a lots of meeting here and there. With the plant stoppage and maintenance going on which have to monitored from time to time, I tried my best to manage and coordinate as good as I could. It's really a challenge for me to handle a lot of the projects, tasks and other jobs all at one time. Luckily, I'm still OK. We have good executives and supervisors to assists us executing the jobs. So far the plant operators and fitters are doing fine although manpower are still limited and lacking due to some of them are still on their annual leaves (remember, it's the festive season...).

I appreciate all of these as a good training experience for me. I hope other junior engineers/going to be engineers anywhere can be confident and strong enough to face any situations when they're really tested up to the maximum . They must be mentally tough and able to lead and keep track with the expectation from their superior. Anybody want to share their experiences...?

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