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IEM Technical Visit to Mechmar Boiler

Last November I joined a group of Institution Engineers Malaysia (IEM) members for a technical visit trip to Mechmar Boiler in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia. This was the first time I visited a boiler manufacturer company. Honestly I was thrilled to learn and explore how a boiler is made and what the factory looks like. I mean the production plant site. In total there were about 20-30 engineers from IEM. The program started at 9.30 am up to 12.30 pm.

Some information about Mechmar Corporation (Malaysia) Berhad

Mechmar Boiler was established over 30 years ago. Currently, Mechmar Boiler is the leading industrial boiler and pressure vessel manufacturer within the Asian Pacific region.

With a core emphasis on superior engineering and strict manufacturing quality standards, Mechmar continually strives and meets the ever increasing expectations of today’s customers for reliable heat, power or steam generation at an economical investment cost.

Mechmar wide product range serves to meet the heat, steam or power needs of our customers regardless of their industry and location. Their products are the result of years of continuous and rigorous detailed engineering and dedication to providing quality in our manufacture and in our service to our customers.

The headquartered of Mechmar is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mechmar’s engineering team reinforces their commitment to their customers by providing sound engineering input with attention to detail. With two world class manufacturing and fabrication facilities in South East Asia both of which are ISO9001 certified by Lloyds, we meet this commitment with speed and at competitive prices. (Information taken from Mechmar official website).

Products manufactured by Mechmar

Here are the list of products manufactured by Mechmar Corporation (Malaysia) Berhad:

Oil/Gas-Fired Boiler
  • Titan HT
  • Titan AS
  • Titan MB
Solid Fuel-Fired Boilers
  • Titan MCC
  • Titan MCH
  • Titan BD
  • Titan MTH
-Heat Recovery Boiler
-Various Custom Made Boilers
-Reconditioned boilers

For more comprehensive list of products, please click here.

The factory administrator of Mechmar Boiler gave us some explanation on the history and business of the company.

A nice pen as souvenir for the IEM delegates. Luckily they provided a free pen because I forgot to bring my own pen.

This is the view in the production facility of Mechmar Boiler
One of the oil/gas fired boiler nearly completed

That's me with some nice background in the Mechmar Boiler facility

Taking a group photo together in the boiler manufacturing plant

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