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Does A Chemical Engineering Student Wants to Be A Chemical Engineer?

Presently, I am actively teaching and supervising students. It is important to know our students. What I mean is not to know them very close but enough in order for us to know the best way to treat them based on who they are, their background, based on what they want to be and several other factors.

One of the most frequent question I asked my student are what do you want to be after you graduated as a chemical engineer? For your information, I received numerous answers and feedbacks. Not majority of the students I asked want to be an engineer? However, I can easily categorize them into 3 huge distinctive segments.

Illustration of a chemical engineering student (source)

Here is the breakdown of what they want to be regardless of the gender: 

40% wants to be an engineer
44% wants to be an entrepreneur
6% wants to be an academician

The sample size of the students that I asked the questions was 20 students. From those 20 students, 16 are in their 3rd year and 4 students in their 4th (final) year. 

What does this information tells us?

This is a Chemical Engineering course and the students are trained to be a good and reliable chemical engineer. Is there anything wrong somewhere along the teaching? Should we conduct a more extensive survey to see our product output? 

Well, this is just my very rough survey. It is a quite a shocking personal early discovery. I will investigate this matter seriously in future.

Any comments? Ideas?

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