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3D Trasar - The Cooling Tower Might be Coo00ool with it...

As I mentioned in my post earlier, handling a cooling tower might not be that cool if the coling tower is creating so much problem from so many angles. The problem in cooling tower triggered from other sources will create massive operational and process problem. Operating costs will also increase. Maintenance costs would also be definitely there in the calculation. You would not want your cooling tower to have a very deviating pH. You also don't want your cooling tower to have so many Legionella bacteria cultivating inside the cooling tower splash bars. And you don't want any chemistry to be not right in the cooling tower. You want your cooling tower to be in a tip top condition, providing desired temperature for the process plant.

Most of the current and previous method is based on the "dose and hope for the best system" which means the chemical supplier comes and do some tehcnical checking/evaluation of your cooling tower. Testing some water parameters, take down some notes and provide you with some black and white report. The question is how frequent will he do this? Once a week? once a fortnight? Who knows what's the water quality when nobody is checking it in between those supplier visit?!! What about the lab? Is the lab checking the quality on daily basis? If yes, what about the interval between those lab sample testing? Perhaps your cooling tower is slowly deterirating and suffering from some "alien" atack!!!

How to overcome this??? Well, earlier this year i knew that Nalco have come out with their secret weopen in having a better control of the cooling tower. Nalco took few years to develop the best control system to overcome stresses inside the cooling tower. They develop 3D Trasar, a tool to monitor dan have better control of the cooling tower. It's simply a very good and impressive invention. Presently, many company already installed the 3D Trasar inside their cooling tower. And one good thing about 3D Trasar....you can monitor and control the cooling tower from anywhere in the globe. Enough about that, I'm not the expert of this 3D Trasar...You better get further information from Nalco. Alternatively you can click this link Read more about 3D Trasar

Learn more about 3D Trasar Applications

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