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I don't know about other graduate engineers or chemical engineers, but for me, as engineeers we need to have our target in career and profesion. We need to plan everything since the very beginning. We need to know our destiny. But, sometimes, it's difficult. Sometimes planning seems to be very easy, but the outcome might not be what we want.

Continuous learning is imperative for every engineers. For me I appreciate every knowledge around me. I love knowing new things. I set my own objective, or practice, which is to learn new things everyday. That's why everywhere I go, I'll bring along something to read. It doesn't matter wether the reading material is a book, magazine, printed paper or scribble of paper which i can read or develop ideas from it. I subscribe to a lot of free technical magazines in order to get new and fresh informations. There're a lot of those technical magazines that are available for me to read in my car as well. I read them when i stop at the traffic light!!! and during traffic jam!!! It's a dangerous habit, but I'm used to it....Among the free technical magazines are those that I have linked them on our the right hand column of this blog. Some of the magazine i subscribed online. That'll be easier too. As I checked and browse thru my email, I can read them too.

I'm happy and appreciate the pleasure to learn brand new knowledge everyday. I can post many things on my blog daily, but it's the time factor that prohibit me from doing so. Therefore, I only post something that I thing will benefit my guess and that's part of my intention, which is to share chemical engineering knowledges and experiences. If a chemical engineer does not have the desire or fire or excitement to learn and learn and continue learn...that's not a good sign!!!
For me he/she cannot develop and become a good knowledgeble chemical engineer.

My final say on this topic, ensure you learn new knowledge/ideas daily. Enrich yourself. Set your target. I set my target too. And my back-up target as well. Because life is not easy, sometimes we need plan B, plan C, plan D and so on..because plan A would not work!!!
I'm not saying that I'm a good engineer. But I want to become one. Let's do it and work it out together....

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