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Chemical/Process Engineering Personality: JoeWong

Hi, I'm back after a very busy and tight schedule. I would like to introduce a new category which is Chemical/Process Engineering Personality. In this section, I will conduct an e-interview with real practicing and successful chemical/process engineer. I hope from this section we can learn, understand and share various fields associated to chemical/process engineering.

For the first personality in this section, he preferred to be known as JoeWong. I have known him a few months back from the virtual world and since then we've been online buddies. Besides a career as a process engineer for more than 13 years, he also maintains his blog Chemical and Process Technology. I found his blog very informative and I personally learned a lot from it. If you want to contact him, you're welcome to visit his site and leave a comment. He'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Chemical/Process Engineering Personality: JoeWong

1. Name: JoeWong

2. Degree/University: Chemical & Process Engineering

3. Professional membership: Member of IEM & AICHE, PE

4. Favorite subject(s) (while studying): Thermodynamic & Unit Operation5. Current job: Process engineer (Engineering Procurement and Construction company)

6. Description(s) of current job: Conduct process design and engineering for new/revamp/ debottleneck plant.

7. How is your typical day at work:

Supervise a group of process engineer to conduct Feasibility Study, Conceptual Design, Basic Design, Detailed Design of a process plant. Liase with licensor, client, vendor, subcontractor, specialist, etc to ensure all information is properly communicated and handled.

8. What do you enjoy most about your job:

The job is pretty interesting as it begin from feasibility study in order to work out the feasibility of an investment, works out the plant concept during conceptual design, get into the basic process parameters in place by combining the concept in real stuff during basic design phase, follow by proper design calculation of all equipments, instrument, etc. Once it get into detailed design, verification of all vendor inputs to ensure meeting process requirement, purchase those equipments, fabricate/construct/install on site precommissioning, commissioning, start-up, test run, train operator, and finally handover to client. You can see that it really start from sketch until it produce. Isn't interesting ?

9. What do you hate most about your job:
I think the job that i am working on is pretty good. Nothing much i hate. If you really want me to figure out one, i would say all client is focusing on schedule but losing creativity & quality.

10. What subject(s) is/are related to your job:
Basically all those subjects that I learned during my undergraduate.

11. What is your most challenging moment ever happened at work:
I have spent 3 years in CHINA. Huh...the challenge was working with a group of Chinese engineers having communication problem, know minimum about international standard, different way of working compare to international acceptable working way, different culture and approaches...Of course, everything has ran in pretty good shape with a lot of obstacles.

12. Have you (or your colleague/subordinates) been involved in any accident at work? Please describe:
Yes. During construction period, one of my colleague felt from scaffolding...mainly due to loose scaffolding board...lack of quality checking...luckily not so serious.

13. What is your career plan in the future?
Continue with present job...continue to design and develop new plant...continue to guide and train new engineer to serve the nation...

14. What are the required skills in your opinion for an engineer to sustain and become successful in his career?
Analytical mind set, positive thinking, correct concept, persistent, always looking for new opportunity for development never stop learning, transfer knowledge and knowhow to new generation.

15. What is your advice for chemical/process engineering students, junior engineers and other fellow engineers?
Continuous leaning and development...key to success

16. Life philosophy or principal?
The more you share, the more you gain...physical life come and go BUT idea/good works will stay forever.

Instead of reading, why not share your writing of chemical engineering knowledge and experiences here, in Chemical Engineering World blog? It will be interesting. It doesn't matter if you are still a chemical engineering students or you just work as an engineer or you are a very experience engineer. Sharing your story would be great. I am also still learning and would like to learn something from you. Just email me to share something in this blog. You can share stories, articles, photos, infographics, podcast, videos etc.

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