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Graduate Engineer Should Be A Profesional Engineer

All graduate chemical engineers must have the desire and vision to become a professional engineer (PE). But, what is a professional engineer?

Professional Engineer is the term for registered or licensed engineers in some countries who are permitted to offer their professional services directly to the public. The term Professional Engineer and the actual practice of professional engineering is legally defined and protected by a government body. In some jurisdictions only registered or licensed Professional Engineers are permitted to use the title, or to practice Professional Engineering.

For more definitions, reference and more understanding on professional engineers, please check out the following websites (which is from other countries too):


Advantages of Becoming a Professional Engineer

A professional engineer is the mark of a professional. The status demands an extra measure of competence and dedication. While not all engineers find professional engineer status mandatory for their chosen career paths, the PE initials before (or after their names) can provide many advantages.

Employers in all disciplines indicate that they find engineers with PE status to be more dedicated with enhanced leadership and management skills. PE also achieve an enhanced status in the eyes of the public, which equates the engineer with professionals licensed in other fields. PE status is an indicator of dedication to integrity, hard work, creativity and assurance that the individual engineer has passed at least a minimum screen of competence.


www.ieeeusa.org/careers/ (10 Reasons to become a professional engineer)
http://www.iem.org.my (benefits of IEM member, which can lead to PE)
http://www.sabah.org.my/iemsabah/(benefits of IEM member, which can lead to PE)

Professional Engineer in Malaysia

A graduate engineer in Malaysia can apply and be a professional engineer. From my general observations, there are very few graduate engineers registering with Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM), a Malaysian government body and Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM), a professional body for engineers promoting professionalism and encourage continuous learning.

JoeWong has detailed out the route to become a professional engineer in Malaysia. On top of that, the issue is also been discussed in Chemical Engineering Forum. If you have doubt or more queries regarding the issue on becoming a professional engineer in Malaysia, you can ask and discuss it in the forum.

Professional Engineers For Other Countries

There are various professional organization that promotes the professional engineer status in other countries. Some examples are:

http://www.icheme.org/ - For those who graduated in UK

http://www.aiche.org/- For those who graduated in USA

Chemical Engineering JOBS in Asia
Chemical Engineering JOBS in Europe
Chemical Engineering JOBS in Malaysia

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posted by Kipas Repair JB @ 10:09 PM,


At Tuesday, January 01, 2008, Blogger Webworm said...


Good post in promoting professionalism. Keep up.


At Tuesday, January 01, 2008, Blogger Kipas Repair JB said...

Thanks Joe...

I too...appreciate all your assistance all this while...


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