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Monitoring Activities Via Surveillance Video

A processing or production plant is a place which does not simply belong to anybody. It is strictly for authorized personnels such as production executives, process engineers, supervisors, plant operators, maintenance fitters, contract workers and others. Inside a production plant, there are hundreds and thousands of equipments, instruments and machineries.

As a process engineer, sometimes I need to see and monitor what is going on inside the control room or plant. It's easier to monitor the ongoing activities via a CCTV or a video surveillance system. There are moments where we need to check what the night shift was doing. There was also an occasion where a plant operator lost his handphone while charging it in the control room. After he realized his handphone was missing, he swiftly went to the place where the video surveillance is monitored to trace who took his belonging.

I believe not all production plants or factories install their own video surveillance system. I seriously think they should install them at various strategic spots for security reasons and monitoring any suspicious activities going around the premises. Even offshore platforms in the oil and gas industry are installed with video surveillance system.

One of the best in the business of professional grade video surveillance systems is EZWatch Pro Video Surveillance. EZWatch Pro video surveillance systems are among the most reliable and popular computer based video surveillance systems on the market. The products are of the highest quality, great value and fully supported by the factory.

The EZWatch Pro video surveillance systems is packed with complete feature that customers want. These include Easy Remote Viewing and Internet Monitoring, IP Camera Integration, Pre Alarm Recording, Area Select Motion Recording, Object Tracking, Missing Object Alarm, Dual Monitor Display, PTZ Auto-Tracking etc. The emergence of this technology have created a smarter video surveillance. This behavior recognition software adds intelligence to video as it is captured, recorded and analyzed. On top of that, the intelligent video offers improvements in video image enhancement even in extreme darkness.

Combining the intelligent video surveillance and its analytics software, a predefined detection of violation which occurs are automatically, in the form of real-time alarms/alerts sent to their responders. This keeps security personnel from continually having to watch monitors, particularly during the bulk of their shifts, when nothing is happening on screens. Surprisingly, this high tech video surveillance system is very easy to use. Most of the customers never open their user manual because the on-screen programming is so simple. They just look at the screen and it provides the customer a clear understanding of how to use it.

With such a good set of video surveillance system, we can ensure a more safer and secured working place. It's an investment that should be made by asset owner for the benefit of his business. In fact I may consider to use one for my house, just for the fun of it and off course - security purpose. The video surveillance system set is available for customers all around the world and will be shipped via UPS worldwide express.

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