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Power Factor Calculation

Most of us are not electrical engineers that understand electricity backwards and forwards, but most of us have a basic understanding of what it does. Most of our understandings stop at the explanation that electricity turns things on. Although that is the end result, there is much more to it. The most important thing about electricity is how constant and pure it is.

Facility power that is dirty is electricity that fluctuates and surges. Surging power is bad for sensitive electronics and can ruin many things. As we all know, electronics are not cheap and to replace them can be very expensive. How do we solve this problem? The answer is by doing a power factor calculation of your current situation whether you be in a company or home setting.

This just simply means to assess how much equipment you have pulling power to make sure you are safely distributing it properly. There are units sold that can clean facility power and make it a perfect sine wave on output. What this means is that there is no fluctuation whatsoever which causes electronics to last much, much longer. This also saves you tons of booku bucks and most electronic equipment is extremely expensive, especially in a company setting. Getting a UPQ system can make all the difference in the world. Units like these are sold by Power Innovations or companies like them.

Stop dealing with horrible facility electricity and take the steps necessary to protect your personal or company assets. Do a power factor calculation of your situation today!

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