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Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Cleaning Video

Most of us know what is a heat exchanger. If you are not that familiar, no problem, just read some of my past articles: Heat Exchanger : Introduction & Basic, or search other of my articles related to heat exchanger  here. It is basically an equipment to allow heat transfer from one medium to the other medium. There are several types of heat exchanger such as (1) plate and frame heat exchanger (2) shell and tube heat exchanger and (3) spiral heat exchanger. Those 3 are the most common used in chemical plant.

When a heat exchanger is continuously used, it will gradually lose the ability to transfer heat as the fouling and scaling develops on the surface of the heating material. When this occur, any heat exchanger will become inefficient and needs cleaning. When a heat exchanger is clean, it needs to be stopped. Hence, that's why there is a need to have a back up heat exchanger in a particular section of the plant. Otherwise, the plant will either run with a non-economic process or the plant have to shut down for a while to allow heat exchanger cleaning.

Here, I would like to share a video on cleaning a plate and frame heat exchanger. It will be very useful exposure in case you have not seen how a plate heat exchanger is classified as dirty, dismantled from its frame by loosening the bolt and nuts, individual plates cleaning and arrangement, tightening of bolt and nuts to sandwich the plates between frames. This system uses 60 degree well-water as a medium to transfer heat via cooling plates in a heat exchanger. The other half of the heat exchanger system is condensing loop water, where heat pumps use it to transfer heat when cooling or heating.Check out the overall process of how it is cleaned.

Credit to Rhomis Rhemis for creating this video

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