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Cooling Tower Heart

The heart of the cooling tower is the "Film Fill Media" or "Infill". It will experience thermal shock, atmospheric dust, slime and algae growth. These are the phenomenon that we can expect when taking care of a cooling tower. The infill will become brittle and be disintegrated (wear and tear) along its shelf life. The potential contaminated particles will cause the cooling system efficiency dropped due to the cooling tower clogged. When this happen, a long repair / down time of the cooling system can lead to very high losses on operation cost as well as production cost.

With a proper Preventive Maintenance Program for the cooling tower which includes replacement of infill, the cooling efficiency will be dramatically improved, saving a huge amount of electricity energy consumption, longest and most dependaple useful system for cooling system. There are so many things to be learned while handling a cooling tower. You'll learn all about the story of cooling tower maintenance that are not written in any text book here....I'll share with you all my experiences, the bitter and pain of maintaing my cooling tower....


posted by Kipas Repair JB @ 4:33 PM,


At Thursday, February 01, 2007, Blogger Joe Anybody said...

what is the infill you are referring too? {"Film Fill"}

Maybe this is not a component in the towers here at this Art Museum where I work.

Just curious...

Keep up the posting!


At Thursday, February 08, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The infills that I'm refering to are the pieces of long wood or plastic that are arranged inside the cooling tower to increase the surface area of water droplets contacting with the cooler air being suck by the fan. I don't know wether my explanation can help you understand it. It's quite difficult to tell inside here.

However, I presume, your cooling tower is for the aircondition system. Inside it, there will definitely be some packing which can be made by plastic etc. It will allow the hot water to be cool down drop by gravity and heat exchange with air which is being sucked by the fan from the side.


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