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Going Offshore IV

After receiving the boarding pass, you have to go into a room to watch a safety video. The video will show some safety measures to be taken while being in the helicopter and the offshore platform. After viewing the video, you have to wait to be called to board the helicopter.
Most of the time Sikorsky 76 helicopter will fly you to the offshore platform. If I remembered correctly, I flew with Super Puma one time only and it was a really frightening experience. However, according to my colleague, I didn't look bothered and I was sleeping most of the time, including when the chopper was having some rough time. If only he knew how I felt at that time.

As the helicopter took off, you'll be heading to the sea. Initially it will feel wonderful (especially for first timers) because you get to fly in a helicopter and everything (houses, vehicles, etc.) looks tiny from above. Then, you'll fly above the beautiful blue ocean. It's nice, pleasant and very peaceful. Unfortunately, the beautiful blue ocean scenery remains the same throughout the whole journey and it can be boring. That is why I prefer to sleep after I got enough of the ocean. Normally, after approximately one hour, you'll see a platform and the helicopter will decelerate and descend. You will see the helicopter pad and the Petronas platform's name largely and clearly visible from the helicopter. "Bekok C" was the first offshore platform I visited and it is a gas gathering and processing platform. I'll share my first experience in Bekok C tomorrow.


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At Sunday, May 13, 2007, Blogger Kipas Repair JB said...

Thanks for sharing. Really appreciate it


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