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Use of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers in Solar Heating Applications

Do you know about brazed plate heat exchanger? It is like a normal type of other plate heat exchanger, but the way the metals or materials are joined is the main difference. It can't be mechanically dismantled or opened. The metals are actually brazed and/or soldered together.

Owing to its advantages, brazed plate heat exchangers have become extremely popular in domestic heating applications. Especially in domestic solar heating setups owing to it low cost, low maintenance and high efficiency.

One of the most important factors in determining the viability of a solar heater is its heat transfer efficiency. In simple terms, a good solar heater is one, which is able to transfer maximum amount of heat from the captured sunlight to the inner loop. A brazed plate heat exchanger is ideally suited for this purpose since it occupies much less space, is far more efficient and cost effective than other heat exchangers and is easy to maintain and clean.

Brazed plate heat exchangers in combination with domestic solar panels can be used for:

1. Supplying hot water
2. Heating radiant floors
3. Heating radiant walls
4. Heating water in swimming pools and spas

In all of these applications, solar energy is trapped by a solar panel that transfers the heat to the outer loop. This heat is then collected by a brazed plate heat exchanger where heat is transferred from the outer loop (from the panel) to the inner loop. The heated liquid of the inner loop can now be circulated through a water heater to heat water for domestic supply or passed through radiant walls and/or floors for domestic heating or passed through a swimming pool or spa for heating the water.

Brazed plate heat exchangers can easily handle high temperatures and pressures associated with the latest solar system designs and also keep the domestic water loop in complete isolation with the solar loop. This ensures complete safety of the system as well as long life.

To have better comprehension, it is better to visualize the brazed plate heat exchanger in this video... See also heat exchanger tubing.

This article is contributed by a friend who call himself - Heat treansfer pro. He just started a blog titled brazedplateheatexchangers.blogspot.com. He can be contacted at cbeta200283@mail.ru.


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