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Recession Proof Industry

I read about this cartoon from the email that I subscribed from Engineering News Daily. The cartoon was taken adopted from engineeringnews.co.za/page/cartoon.

Basically it stated that, if there was such a thing as a sectoral recession, then South Africa’s manufacturing industry is deep in one. Output declined by 15% year-on-year in February, following on the 12,9% year-on-year fall in January. The sector has been contracting since October, and the aftershocks are being felt across the economy. This creates a strong likelihood that South Africa will now officially enter a recession for the first time in over a decade.

What's the global impact towards our industry in Malaysia or globally? The electrical and electronic industries are certainly struggling and I see many people around me were forced to leave their jobs. However, there are no worries in the food-manufacturing industries. All I asked them this time is how great is your bonus?

Got my point? Food - manufacturing industry is recession proof!!!
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IEM Events

In case you are in Malaysia and not getting updates from Instituition of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), then hear you are...

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are pleased to announce the IEM upcoming events. Kindly click on the respective URL link's to download the flyer / brochure.

  1. Talk on "Engineering Applications of Seismic Refraction & Resistivity Techniques" - 15 May 2009, Friday (2 CPD/PDP) - IEM Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Wisma IEM, Petaling Jaya - GETD-150509-T.pdf
  2. IEM Training Centre Sdn Bhd - May to June 2009- IEMTC-MAYJUNE09.pdf


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Next Generation Energy System

Tokyo Gas is proposing next-generation energy systems to meet future energy needs and changing environmental conditions, and has put forth an image of what cities will look like in the year 2030.

Traffic infrastructure will make cities more compact with commercial and residential areas growing closer, and cities will be much more user friendly for senior citizens. There will be advances in the adaptable, shared use of energy on a variety of fronts, as well as advances in energy efficiency.

Traffic infrastructure engineering will introduce improvements to cope with natural disasters, and efforts will focus on designing so-called "Energy Security Areas" in the heart of cities that will feature high-level disaster prevention measures.

Cities in 2030 will advance the use of renewable energy sources, and in addition to preexisting energy facilities they will incorporate districts that showcase the intensive use of renewable energy, and carbon dioxide free environment promotion districts.

Not only will large-scale structures and public infrastructure utilize renewable energy sources, the average home will also feature the use of solar cells and solar thermal panels in conjunction with home-use fuel cells.

Interested to learn more about it? Then, what are you waiting for, check out the video below:

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Ph.D in Chemical Engineering

It's confirmed that I'm going to be a pH.D student in Chemical Engineering this coming July. I've gotten my pH.D offer letter from Graduate School of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). I've submitted it to my faculty in order for them to process my study leave. I'm not going to reveal my pH.D topic here. However, it will be something almost related to green energy and/or sustainable development. It will be in the field of catalysis and reaction engineering. I'll be developing a process and a reactor. I'll also be studying something that is entirely new. Nobody has done this work before. Hopefully, I can later claim novelty in my research.

It is most likely that my co-supervisor will be a professor from Finland. I'm going to do a short period attachment during my pH.D studies in Finland. It can be up to 9 months there. Hopefully with such attachment, UTM can establish some extend of international collaboration with reputable universities.

In the other hand, my wife will be finishing her pH.D this June. She's also doing her pH.D in chemical engineering in the area of separation engineering, specifically in progressive freeze concentration. She has already published numerous papers, a national book chapter and an international book chapter. I hope she can submit her thesis as soon as possible.

What about you? Are you going to continue your post graduate studies?
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Solar Energy Systems For Your Home

Recently I've been very interested to learn practical ways to set up solar at our home. I'm still exploring and learning all available possibilities. I've read about using copper sheet as a substitute for photovoltaic components but the efficiency is very low. So, the question now...

Is it really possible to build solar energy systems for your home and how can it be done? Sunlight and the sun's energy is a great source of free power that is the driving force behind all life around us. Yet we humans have foolishly ignored it despite its potential to offer lots of environmental and cost saving benefits. I will discuss more about solar power and its potential uses at home in this article.

1. Is Solar Energy Practical for Home Use?

This great source of power is already being utilized by many households that have built homemade power systems to harness solar power. These systems can range from small thermal devices to huge solar panels built on top of roofs. It is perhaps the cleanest source of electricity today other than wind.

2. What Are the Environmental Benefits of Using Solar Energy Systems?

Traditional methods of burning fossil fuels contribute greatly to global warming and other forms of erratic weather change. For example, power plants and factories produce huge amounts of carbon emissions that are killing many living things on Earth right now. Using solar power to produce electricity does not worsen the effects of global warning since there are no greenhouse gases by-products produced like carbon monoxide.

3. Other Benefits of Building Solar Energy Systems for Your Home

Most people are more concerned about cost saving. This is exactly what renewable solar systems can do for you, since sunlight is free unlike oil, gas and coal which are very expensive. Moreover, it is unlimited in nature and will never run low in supply.

4. What Are Some Common Uses of Solar at Home?

They can be used mainly to make homemade electricity as well as for heating purposes. These are the 2 most common uses of solar at home. Other less common uses include distilling and disinfecting water and smelting etc.

Are you looking to build Solar Energy Systems for Home? Feel free to download the Best Step-By-Step Home Energy Guides at renewableenergysystemreview.com.

The author has managed to reduce his energy bill by more than 80% by building his own renewable home energy system. Check out his website above to find out how to do it!

You can too. I'm trying to set up my own version of solar energy at home but off course the progress will be at my own pace (due to my work and family commitment).

If you are interested to learn a little bit more on utility and energy (which also covers solar energy), then "energybiz" is the perfect magazine. It's completely FREE and all you have to do is just register to receive the magazine.

energybiz is the business magazine for a new generation of power industry leaders. For 10 years Energy Central has been delivering the daily news to the electric power industry. In 2004 we assembled a team of award-winning editors and journalists to launch a magazine with fresh reporting, analysis and a new perspective on this 100-year-old industry. Within its first year of publishing, energybiz won a prestigious Eddie Award for fulfilling its mission to provide our readers with the inside information, trends and insights that they can use to improve their businesses and their careers.

To get hold of FREE energyBiz, register here.
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4 Solar Incentives and Ways to Make Money From Solar Energy

Solar energy has gone mainstream to the point where anyone can build their own fully functional electricity producing solar cells at home and on a budget. Consider these 4 money making and saving solar incentives for making the easy, affordable, one time switch to renewable solar energy.

Power Bills - On average, most households in the US spend $2500 annually on electricity to power their homes alone. Given the great efficiency of implementing homemade solar cells and solar incentives, you can drastically reduce that monthly bill or eliminate it altogether. Imagine having an extra $2500 in your annual budget each year just because you didn't have to pay inflating utility costs. If you're sick of it, many other Americans are as well, only they've gone ahead, taken the initiative to create their own energy at home, and have since moved off the grid.

Extra Energy - Whatever electricity which you produce from your solar cells but don't consume in a given month is a surplus which can be fed back into the power grid and sold back to the power company for a tidy profit. The government reimburses the power company to do this. Many homeowners with extra land devote it to creating natural energy and cover it with solar cells to bring in a healthy profit or even second income. Imagine not paying but receiving an extra $2500 or more each year for no extra effort required on your part.

Tax Breaks - The government is interested in doing whatever it can to alleviate the on going energy crisis for our country and our planet. Consequently they reward those who live off the grid and are self reliant with considerable tax breaks. The Obama administration is particularly interested in renewable, clean energy devices such as solar cells, so you can expect a even more solar incentives for creating your own energy in the near future.

Selling Solar Cells - Many other homeowners are very interested in these same money making solar incentives and many are willing to pay top dollar for it. Some people who have made their own solar cells using DIY guides have gone on to construct multiple solar cells and sold them to other people for a tidy profit.

Interested in creating your own solar energy at home but aren't sure where to start? Take a look at how easy and affordable it is using the best reviewed DIY energy guides completely risk free.

These are highly reviewed guides which teach you exactly how to quickly and affordably build your own solar cells and achieve all of these solar incentives using easy to follow, step by step illustrated instructions.

Please note that the solar incentives mentioned above are only available in the United States. I'm not sure on other countries. I've read somewhere that German provide subsidies for solar panels at home but I can't confirm this yet. I still hope that Malaysia government (the country dwell) will provide incentive for solar technology application at home. It will definitely save us money on our utility as well minimize green house effect.


Since I'm interested to learn about energy, I've been reading some magazine as well as websites associated with utility & energy. Among the magazine that greatly discusses about utility and energy is "Power Engineering'.

Established in 1896, Power Engineering magazine can be considered the comprehensive voice of the power generation industry that provides readers with the critical information needed to remain efficient and competitive in today's market. News and information served are fresh and well reported. I highly recommend this magazine and if you are interested, it's FREE (I only recommend good quality product which is FREE...)

To get free copy of Power Engineering, click here.


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Solar Energy At Your House

I must say that I'm very interested and excited with renewable energy topics. I personally think it is something that everybody should know, learn and apply them at home. I would like to see my house powered with solar energy. By adopting solar energy, I can reduce my household power cost (electrical utility). Here's a basic explanation of how your solar panels will work when they are on your home. This video answers the question, "How is solar energy used?"The video is short (just 1 minute).

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Industrial Pump Repair

Industrial pumps are devices that are used to move gases or liquids with the purpose of moving the fluid or gas by a physical or mechanical action. Many think that pumps create pressure but this is not correct. It is not the pump that causes the pressure; it is by adding resistance to any flow that causes pressure. In the industrial pump market there are several different types of pumps that are used and therefore might need to be repaired. When repairs are needed it is important to use companies that have certified technicians available.

One type of industrial pump is a hydromantic pump. This is a pump regularly used in water treatment. Many waste water treatment centers use these to help them keep the water and environment cleaners. Because of the consequences that could be associated with a pump breaking down, most water treatment plants make sure their pumps are kept maintained and repaired to keep them running as efficiently as possible.

Positive displacement pumps are another example of industrial pumps that are used today. These pumps cause liquid to move by trapping a set amount of liquid then displacing the volume that is caught out into a discharge pipe. There can be many different types of this kind of pump. There might be rotary types like, screw pumps or shuttle block pumps or a liquid ring vacuum pump or even a Wendelkolben pump.

There is also what is classified as a dry pit submersible pump which is specifically used in applications where the pump can be left unattended and still be relied upon to work with high performance and that resist clogging. These pumps are used to pump sewage and are generally used in wastewater plants or industrial plants where solid materials are being pumped.

Businesses that have industrial pumps and motors cannot afford to have their machines broken for long periods of time. Repair companies have to be ready to step in on a minutes' notice to help analyze the problem and come up with a repair. Repair companies understand that any downtime caused by a broken pump or motor cuts into company production and throws the company off schedule. Any industrial pump repair company will understand how critical the machines are to running the business. All repair companies will have qualified technicians able to work on most any working brand pump as well as expert customer service to help and follow up on any further needs.

A quality industrial pump repair shop should be able to provide expert service and guarantee their work 100% for any makes or model pump they repair. The repair shop that works on industrial pump repairs will probably be a complete Industrial Machine repair shop. This means that they will repair motors, pumps, gearboxes, and possible circuit board hydraulics repair. It's possible they might also offer a full machine shop and panel shop for repairs to done in-house as well as preventive maintenance as in vibration analysis and calculating the condition of bearings in electric motors as well as checking that there is sufficient lubrication.

Your best choice in NC and Southern VA for Electric Motor Repair and Industrial Pump Repair, Danfoss and Siemens motor controls, Grove gear and SEW Eurodrive Speed reducers, all forms of Power Transmission Equipment and custom UL 508 electrical control panels.

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The Author


I’m Zaki. I used to be a project, process and chemical engineer. Few years ago I successfully became a Chartered Engineer (IChemE) and Professional Engineer (BEM). I'm now employed as a chemical engineering educator/researcher/consultant. Hope you like reading my blog. I welcome any feedback from you. My email: zaki.yz[alias]gmail.com. TQ!

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