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Losing and Recovering Crucial Data

In any production plant there must be control system to control the process of a production unit such as Citect, Siemens, SCADA, Distributed Control System (DCS). Via those control system, we can observe, control, record data and analyze trends in the plant. This is imperative to optimize the process, cut cost wherever necessary and for other important reasons. But what happen if the control system suddenly breakdowns. Have you experience it before? How do you ensure proper data recovery? I have experienced losing data from my SCADA for the tank auto gauging system. As a result we were not able to track down 50 types of oil movements to create the monthly stock reconciliation and that was a nightmare to me. Those are really precious valuable data which we need justify oil lost in the plants.

One way to overcome any problematic data lost situation which can’t be sort out by ourselves is by getting help from the expert, such as Data Recovery Group. Data Recovery Group, a US based company that specialized in complete data recovery services. They are more than capable to recover data from Desktop Drives, Laptop Drives, External Drives, Servers, RAID Systems, Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS), Storage Area Network Devices (SAN), Camera Media and Flash Drives. On top of the services mentioned mac data recovery and server data recovery also falls under their scope of expert job.

To be more specific, Data Recovery Group routinely recovers data from failed hard drives caused by events such as mechanical failure, file system damage, bumped or dropped drives, viruses, user sabotage, user errors (such as accidentally deleted files/formatting), static electricity, power surges and outages, and even natural disasters (such as lightning strikes, fires, and floods).

However, despite their spectacular track record servicing major corporation such as Apple Computer, BHP Minerals, Pacific Gas & Electric and others, this company is only based in USA. It’s good if they can expand their services to Europe, Asia and other regions. With such reputation, Data Recovery Group can assist big companies in other regions to regain their data when problem arises and hence help to avoid substantial lost of profits.

The most important thing is that I know when we encounter any data recovery problem, there will be solution to it. Instead of just accepting the faith of totally losing the data (and lost in money), we can actually hire the expert in the field to help us solve the problem.


posted by Kipas Repair JB @ 12:19 PM,


At Sunday, May 17, 2009, Blogger Nathan Boeger said...

Good points! Data recovery and redundancy has little to do with SCADA/DCS/Oil, etc. It's a common IT task that is mitigated by proper backups and engineering forethought (RAID, etc). In my experience, data recovery companies do great work. However, it takes time and money to perform the task.

Nathan Boeger

At Tuesday, May 19, 2009, Blogger allen said...

Data Recovery is the ultimate solution for any data loss mishap we can rely on these recovery tools for our sufficient recovery of our precious data and file.i had used a one Partition Recovery Software for when my hard drive was corrupted and i was not able to access my important data.This software is cool in case of efficiency.....

At Monday, June 01, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, data loss is unfortunate. I have lost a Raid set before, thank good Data Analyzers Data Recovery in Tampa was able to recover it.

At Friday, June 05, 2009, Blogger Zaki said...

thanks for this


At Monday, June 22, 2009, Anonymous control valves said...

I believe construction of such projects requires knowledge of engineering and management principles and business procedures, economics, and human behavior.

At Monday, October 26, 2009, Anonymous control valves said...

Thanks for the helpful information. Hope to hear more from you.


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