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Green Jobs That Pay Well

Are you looking for a good job that pays well? How about about a green job? There are a lot of green jobs available with high paying salaries. Here is is list of 10 green jobs that I recommend:

1. Environmental Consultant

You ensure that your clients are compliant with certain environmental regulations so that they do not face legal action, misguided transactions or fines. There are many areas of work but the two main areas are Industrial and Environmental. Environmental Consultants usually have a B.A. in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management or Environmental Science.

2. Ecological surveyor

This person performs Environmental Impact Studies for property developers. Ecological surveyors analyze the potential impacts that developing a certain area may have on the flora and fauna of that specific place. They also assist developers in planning to avoid unnecessary cost, delays and disruption of projects.

3. Civil/Structural Engineer

Oversees the construction on buildings and other structures and ensures that they are structurally-sound; able to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and other disasters.

4. Marine Surveyor

A Marine Surveyor is responsible for the sustainable development of coastal areas. They carry out studies and try to minimize impact on the marine life of the area that has been chosen for development.

5. Eco Homes Adviser

Provides advice on energy efficiency, water conservation, design and building materials for homes. They also diet and fitness tips for their client to complement their Eco home with a green lifestyle.

6. Energy Assessor

Energy efficiency is very important for a sustainable lifestyle and a well-paid job as an energy assessor can help in the conservation of our planet. Energy assessors ensure the efficient use of energy in domestic properties, government buildings, privately owned properties or businesses, etc.

7. Bio-Mass Development Officer

They are responsible for the development of project involving the use of biomass. These mainly projects involves the generation of energy from organic waste. A Biomass Development Officer usually performs task such as:

o Identify new sites for Biomass Projects
o Manage biomass plants
o Work with public authorities overseeing proper planning the issuing of licenses.
o Evaluate biomass projects
o Carry out related scientific research with other scientists.
o Ensure a constant supply of raw materials from suppliers

8. Air Quality Specialist

The Air Quality Specialist is responsible for assuring air quality and control; studies, emission inventories, permit applications, dispersion modeling and regulation compliance. may also work in projects relating to petroleum, mining, utility, chemicals, etc. A B.S. degree in Engineering or other Science degree in a similar field is ideal for this job.

9. Project Engineer

Projects Engineers make sure projects as completed in the time specified in the contract and they assure high quality of the finished worked. In order to carry out the tasks of a Project Manager a certain level of training and expertise is needed. They are able to make accurate financial forecasts, manage efficiently project teams and resources and they are responsible for the completion of the project according to initial plans.

10. Heritage Officers

Heritage Officers work in a wide variety of places that are usually tourist attractions: museums, historic buildings, archaeological sites, national parks or with an environmental Conservation Organization. Heritage officer may also do work as interpreters. Tasks performed usually include:

o Nature and city trails
o First person Interpretation
o Audio-visual programs
o Publications
o Organize Exhibitions, public presentations and concerts.

Excellent communication skills, knowledge in ecology and historical knowledge is required for this job.

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