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My first Heat Exchanger Encounter....

It was in my third working place that i learn and have better comprehension about the heat exchanger. There are various types of heat exchanger in plant. We have plate and frame heat exchangers, shell and tube, spiral cooler and others.

The first time i get to know a plate and frame heat exchanger was when i was instructed by my boss to supervise a group of technicians and contract worker fixing and installing about 233 plates onto a heat exchanger frame. It was not an easy job. The task was very physically demanding.

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger - Hot fluids flow down between alternate plates, cold fluids flow up between alternate plates (Adopted from Perrys Chemical Engineering Handbook: Thermal division Alfa LAval, Inc)

While performing this task, we have to be careful of the plates arrangement. We have to be carefull of the numbers and quantity of the plates. I have witness one time, these people accidently missed out one plate, which can result in the 2 types of oil cannot pass through. Thus, upsetting the initial intention of heat transfer. As soon as they realised that they miss out one plate, they decide to put another extra plate in between to continue the path of the two oils not to be blocked. Well, that's ok. But, they need to be carefull next time. Not to be careless and repeat the same mistake.

The technique to tightened the plate and frame heat exchanger must be correct. We must tighten it in a criss cross manner and in the same time take the measurements of all the bolt length. The tightening length must be the same for all 8 bolts (if there is 8 bolts).

There are still a lot more to tell about the hidden information of heat exchanger.....i mean the type of information and knowledge that is not written in the text book. The one that we can only know and get it from experience and other peoples experience. I'll share some of my experience of dealing with heat exchanger from time to time. I sincerely hope the information will be beneficial for those who want to learn and know more about heat exchangers, heat transfer.

posted by Kipas Repair JB @ 8:15 PM,


At Monday, October 16, 2006, Blogger Joe Anybody said...

Hello There
Its Oct 15 o6
Just was reading my similar
feelings about my first
"Heat Exchanger" as well

I seen a picture of a heat exchanger on one of your pages and I think it is like the same style we have in both buildings. Almost exactly!
I have to say I have never seen them work much (if at all) and I think they are a small head-ache to get torn apart cleaned and put together.......thats just from watching a few times when they were being "messed with" by past engineers..
Maybe our need for them to be running is not necessary? ...one is brand spank-in new in the remodeled buildiing....it just sits there......?
The older one may of been running at one time... but seems to be a project waiting for someone to deal with with they are bored.

I kinda understand the principle... just never have had anything to do with them.

Thanks for the interesting blog!

At Monday, October 16, 2006, Blogger Kipas Repair JB said...

Yea...this plate and frame heat exchanger is good but sometimes quite difficult to handle when it become inefficient or some plates are damaged.

I hope i can continue feeding some interesting post based on my experience. Well, there's more to come...Good knowing that you enjoy reading them so far...Thanks


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