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Not only chemist, but as a chemical engineer, there are times we deal with various types of chemicals. I know this very well because I have earlier been a chemical engineering researcher, a chemical engineer in the oil and gas industry, process engineer in manufacturing industry and now I’m back doing my Ph.D research in an established technical university. As a chemical engineer, we are somehow involved with known and unknown chemicals that we have to use while working or to perform certain tasks.

I can still recall when I prepared the technical tender documents and performed bottle test for several chemicals/resins in few South China Sea Petronas offshore platforms, I was exposed to new chemicals. A lot of them were very complicated and difficult to pronounce or to write. Not just that, for other project, I have to formulate our own chemicals and blend them to be a good soluble solution which can dissolve in petroleum condensate in order to clean up the stubborn internal petroleum and gas pipeline scale and fouling. Well, that was for a downstream project which I lead few years ago. It was really interesting and challenging experiences. As I was in charge mainly on chemical department, in order to do that, I needed to prepare few chemicals and constantly consult with our international partner. Our principal provided superb advice and support. However, there were times where they asked us to outsource for chemicals locally as they were cheaper and immediately available compared to importing them from overseas and messing up with the tedious lengthy custom process.

This was when I normally look out for local chemical manufactures and get the best deal from them. Miraculously, they have in their stock weird and complex chemicals that we need. Hence, it is good to work with reliable and resourceful chemical manufactures.

Part of my job scope back then was also handling bioremediation works at oilfield and refineries. For this, we were required to formulate special chemical that can detoxify and in-capsulate heavy metals and hydrocarbons when necessary. Hence, we turned to our bio chemical manufactures alliances which helped us complete our biochemical ingredients.

It is very important to know where to outsource for the chemicals and biochemicals that you need for either research or real industry application. One of my favourite source to seek for such information is sourcepoint.com. It is a global business to business product and service sourcing directory based on the United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes which provides an accurate efficient classification of goods and services. From this site, I am able to directly contact manufactures and distributors of almost anything worldwide.

Currently, as a Ph.D in chemical engineering student studying reaction/catalysis engineering and using acid catalyst, I can efficiently search for the right catalyst from all over the globe. For example, under the “Chemicals including Bio chemicals and gas materials”, I can find “Acid Catalysts”. So, I just click at “Acid Catalysts” and I will get a row of results on companies offering acid catalysts.

I’m not sure about you and what products you are interested in. If you are in need of any chemicals, why not search it yourself there.

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