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Malaysian Society For Engineering and Technology (MSET)

Dear guys, following is a message from the new Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology (mSET). Personally, I haven't heard about this new organization before. My wife received a letter and information about mSET which as just formed. They are inviting new members to join them. After reading the letter, my first impression was .... is this something superior than IEM? Does it want to challenge IEM?

After reading, understanding and digesting few points inside the letter, it seems that mSET has a wider scope. It is more than just engineering. It covers science and technology as well. It has a lot of benefits and personally I may join this organization. One more thing that is very interesting to highlight is, the membership is not just for those who possess a degree, but also for technicians who want to establish them self professionally.

I tried to google mSET to get more information about this new organization, but it seems that the website is not yet available. Maybe, we have to wait for a while before they upload their website.

But, in the mean time, you can read the part of the letter that I have read. I'll provide more information and update about this as soon as it is made available. Check it out:


To all potential Founding Members of Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology,

Inivitation to be an mSET Founding Member

On behalf of the committee of the Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology, I would like to invite you to be an mSET Founding Member. A brief introduction on mSET, which is established recently as a platform for 21st Century Professionals to enhance and develop their knowledge and professional skills as preparation for competition at the international level, is enclosed. If you are interested to join and contribute to the growth of mSET, please fill up the membership application form attached and return it to any committee member or the mSET Secretariat as soon as possible, but not later than 31st July 2008. As a Founding Member you will be specially invited to a launching ceremony which is being planned. Please do not hesitate to call me or any committee member for clarifications. I look forward to your membership and participation in our network.

Prof Abang Abdullah Abang Ali
President Malaysian society for Engineering and Technology

mSET shall lead the National Engineering and Technological Innovation and Development


Promote National and Global Networking
Maintain mSET website and portal
Encourage regular communications
Create discussion groups
Establish strong links with international bodies

Advance and Share Knowledge and Expertise
Develop and share database of knowledge and expertise
Publish regular bulletin
Organize prestigious conference, workshops and specialist training courses
Facilitate exchange of scholars and experts

Develop Leading Edge Technology and Industries
Identify and promote leading edge technologies and industries
Encourage university-industrial linkages
Promote business forums
Create study grants and awards

Enhance HR training and Development
Organize regular CPD training courses
Promote accreditation of qualifications
Promote professionals development and qualifications


the competitive world that we live in today demands more innovative ways for developing our human capital, acquiring and sharing of knowledge and technology and harnessing these for industry, business and commerce.

mSET aims to provide a powerful platform for its members to network and enhance professionalism and ethical conduct while nurturing them into leading professionals and captains of industry.

Acknowledging that the world today is largely interdisciplinary, mSET welcome the participation and interaction of engineers, technologist, architects, quantity surveyors and other engineering and technology professionals.

Believing in the importance of the engineering work team comprising of personnel at the degree, diploma as well as certificate levels, mSET welcomes technicians who are important members of the engineering team and who needs to be professionals in their own right.

mSET shall indulge in research and technological innovation to produce materials, systems, structures and processes to support the country's development effort.

mSET shall promote accreditation of qualification, development of professional systems and international mobility of engineering and technology professionals, while organizing education, training and CPD pro grammes for its members.

The Value of Your Membership International recognition, networking and opportunities

As an mSET member, you will be recognized as a member of an upcoming proffsional organization created and nurtured in the 21st Century.

You will be able to network and interact with like-minded professionals and to share their aspirations, knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm in education and training, research and development and industry.

You will participate in CPD and lifelong learning and will be able to use your professional skills at the international level.

mSET will open doors to the public and private sectors as well as to international platforms.

Member Benefits

Member shall be invited to participate in CPD and professional development programs at special members rate and given discounted rates for other activities. A number of special members' benefit shall be introduced from time to time.

Activities planned are training course, workshop, seminar, conference, congress, technical visits, business forum, exhibition, trade fair, and overseas business and technical meeting and mission.

Members can use the society's library, database of knowledge, expertise and companies and mSET club facilities as and when we get these on board.

Members shall receive a free regular

Who can be mSET Members?

Engineers, engineering Technologists, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Technicians and other allied professionals. In the future, mSET shall introduce various grades and categories of membership.


There are more to tell about mSET. However, I shall stop here first. However, for those who are interested to know more about it, please contact the following:

President mSET: Prof Ir Abang Abdullah Abang Ali
03-89467850; aaaa@engn.upm.edu.my

Secretary mSET: Prof Madya Ir Megat Johari Megat Md Noor
03-89421514; megatjohari@hotmail.com

Membership Fees

Membership fees payment for Ordinary Member:
RM250 (Entrance fee RM100 + current years subscription RM150)

Membership fees payment for Associate Member:
RM200 (Entrance fee RM100 + current years subscription RM100)

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At Sunday, July 06, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The website for mSET is www.mset.org.my
The society is meant for the engineering team. It also welcomes those in technology and science who support or affliated with engineering and technology. The society does not plan to challange the IEM but feels a society that embraces all those who are involved in the development of the nation would be in a position to provide appropriate support/advice. Professional status is also open to all as each category has its own strength and contributions.


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