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IEM Southern Branch Technical Visit to Claytan Group

Last month, we (me and my wife) joined the Institute Engineer Malaysia (IEM) Southern Branch for a technical visit to Claytan Group. It was my first technical visit with IEM and I began enjoying my association with the institution. This technical visit is worth 4 CPD hours (BEM approved). All together there were about 30 professional engineers joining the visit.

Here is a little bit information about Claytan Group (adopted from their website):

"Founded in 1920, Claytan Group manufactures high quality ceramic products ranging from vitrified clay pipes, sanitaryware, artware, tableware to hotelware. Combining nearly a century worth of experience and cutting-edge ceramics manufacturing technology from Japan and Europe, we are one of the most experienced Malaysian ceramics manufacturers with the most diversified ceramic product range in the country.

Claytan Group products are designed with the customer in mind. We strive to find innovative ways to improve the quality of our ceramic products to produce products that rank high on customer satisfaction.

The quality of our products is recognised by many international Quality Assurance (QA) bodies such as SIRIM, PSB, AS and CSA. They carry out third party audits twice a year to ensure that our quality management system and products meet their stringent requirements."

These are some of the very gorgeous tableware shown in their display room. These are products from Claytan Group. Most of the beautiful ones are exported. Some of it are sold locally.

More elegant and modern looking tableware exhibited. Do you like them?

Technical presentation from Claytan Group representative. All IEM members were tentatively listening to what he was presenting. We were the youngest engineer participating in the technical visit.

Some of the clay pipes manufactured by Claytan Group. We visited the plant and learn their processes which began from various clays being crushed in a crusher. We witnessed their efficient conveying system and large mixers. Then there are a very huge kiln to bake and harden the clay pipes.
There are also various tests carried out on the clay pipes to ensure the quality is up to the required standard. On of the test is the hydro test which is to test whether the clay pipe can withstand its designated pressure or not.

These are different batches and design of toilet bowls being tested in their R and D department. Honestly, before this, I never imagine a toilet bowl being studied as extensive as this. There are also a lot of test being perform to ensure the toilet design works well and can remove the "sludge" in it. I also learned that there are 2 types of toilet bowl, one which can operate with 4.5 liters while the other one with 6 liters of water. It was also interesting to learn about the vacuum type flushing toilet which are also used in some places like in a plane.

I'm really impressed with all the hard work made by the research and development department to ensure they produce a very quality toilet bowl that can work efficiently and effectively. It was also my first time touching the holes of the water outlet from the bowl. I never touched it before. I never thought of touching them... I touched it to inspect the size and diameter of the holes where the water poured out during flushing. Very interesting...

These are part of the sanitary ware exhibited at the display room. Claytan Group is a major player of the country's sanitary market.


It was a very informative and beneficial visit for us. Besides listening to the technical presentation, checking out their sanitary research and development department, visiting their clay pipe plant, they also served us good warm food for lunch and a gave us a very nice colourful mug (as souvenier). We also visited their wholesale tableware and saw a lot of their collection. I sincerely thank them for their hospitality to us.

For those who are not yet associated with IEM or any professional engineering association in your country, I urge you guys to do so. It is very good for your future. You can also mix and mingle with other fellow professional engineers and hence expand your network. Cool stuff....

Next entry...
Technical visit to New Water Facilities in Singapore. Wait for it.

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