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Technical Visit To NeWater Facilities Singapore

My second visit with IEM was to Newater Facilities in Singapore (pronounce it as New Water). NEWater is managed by Public Utility board (PUB) Singapore. I have looked forward for the visit few weeks the actual event. It was a really interesting technical visit and I wanted to learn about their process as an idea because I am handling the project to purify effluent water to be used for our cooling towers and washing facilities. Well, the visit have gave me some ideas on how I should approach to build our own micro or ultra filtration system.

The half day technical visit took place on the 24th of May 2008 on a nice beautiful Saturday (I planned to made an entry on it earlier but I was too occupied with my jobs etc). We gathered in front of the IEM building and get onto a specially chartered bus to bring us all (about 30+ engineers from various disciplines) to Singapore.

As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by their officers and brought for a technical tour. We were so impressed with their modern and high tech facilities. They have also spent substantial amount of money to educate Singaporeans others (like us and foreigners) to learn how they process the water. The education and learning center was very impressive and anybody who visit their center would agree with me. We were given a bottle of NEWater drinking water as a souvernier - some of us immediately tasted them while others kept it. Well, no worries....the water is extremely clean and safe - Thanks to the Reverse Osmosis treatment system.

Fellow engineers enters the NEWater foyer and showroom

Among the items displayed in the foyer. There are various types of bottles and label designs for NEWater. NEWater drinking water is not for sale. They are distributed on certain occasions. Visitors to NEWater facilites will be given a Newater bottle as a token.

These are sample of the first batch of NEWater bottles being distributed.

This is part of NEWater reservoir. Nice...Cool...

A presentation by one of the NEWater tour guide. They have done a great job in explaining to us about the history, news, progress, technology, process, future etc.

The colourful NEWater fountain. We stepped on it and took photos (not shown here...).

A simulator to educate the visitors on how much water we used a day based on our lifestyle. It reminds us to appreciate clean water and do not waste them unnecessarily.

Visiting the NEWater process plant (from outside).

I never thought they made us see the control room. This means anybody, everybody can see the control room and its operators working in it. Cool...

Another site of the NEWater plant. On the left we can see the Reverse Osmosis membrane units.

Some of the piping of the system is made from stainless steel pipeline. The plant is very clean and well maintained. Well done.

There are a lot of LCD TV like this in the NEWater facilities to provide visual for better understanding to visitors. This visual shows the layout of ultrafiltration process.

These are the example of membranes for micro filtration of the water. Micro filtration takes place before preceding to reverse osmosis stage.

These are the casing for membrane filters exhibited. Water from outside the membrane will be forced to enter the membrane pores, leaving out bigger particles to provide cleaner water.

This is the membrane for reverse osmosis. Water from the micro filtration stage will enter the tube and forced to enter the membrane by exerting pressure onto it. The pure water will then enter the core of the membrane and channel to subsequent stage - UltraViolet process.

This is the ultraviolet step which is to terminate any nano sized bacteria that may possibly passed through the previous micro filtration and reverse osmosis system. This ensure us that the water produced from NEWater is extremely clean and safe for consumption.

Another view of the ultra violet system.

One tube of ultra violet canister will have 4 tubes of UV lights. The flanges , connections and fittings are made from stainless steel.

Oh yea... That's me signing off from the NEWater facilities in Bedok, Singapore.

For more information on the NEWater, please check the NEWater website. If you are interested to pay them a visit, they also welcome you to do so, just click here. You can call them or book online at their website to arrange for the visit. Sometimes I like to learn from their FAQ, so I include the link, incase you are interested to learn by their FAQ - click here.

Finally, check out following video to have a clearer view on the NEWater center. Just ignore the first 1 minute and 50 seconds of the video (Total time 7 minutes +).

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