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Personally I've been subscribing and reading this fantastic magazine since 2003. That time I was working with my previous company which was dwealing mostly in the oil and gas industry. I decided to subscribe this magazine to get more information about pipeline technology because myself and my other coleagues were taking care and maintaining Petronas Gas pipelines. I found the content very up to date and very interesting and stimulating. I would also recommend them to you....

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ā€” Does your copy of PipeLine and Gas Technology look like it's traveled thru an oil and gas pipeline on its way to your desk?
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The answer is simple... get your own... or, better yet, have your colleagues get their own subscription to PipeLine and Gas Technology.

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We know each and every issue of PipeLine and Gas Technology contains crucial, cutting-edge reporting of the solutions, applications and technolgies being employed in the pipeline industry. And, we know ALL your colleagues would benefit from PipeLine's uniquely styled, how-to approach to discussing the issues you and other pipeline professionals face every day.

But... did you know that PipeLine and Gas Technology is offered free of charge to all pipeline industry professionals?

That means ALL your colleagues can have their very own subscription. That's right... all your colleagues. So... if you or someone in your office would benefit from receiving PipeLine and Gas Technology for themselves, simply, forward this email and ask them to click the link below. It will only take a few minutes and, you won't ever have to track down your copy again.

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Get more details >>>> www.pipelineandgastechnology.com

You can also get the online version by visiting the above website.

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