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Updates From Cameron Highlands

It has been one week since I last posted in this blog. I was quite busy for the past few days. The Cameron Highland trip was good and short. We did not cover the entire tourist attraction places. We have very limited time. My wife have to do her job/task, visiting and evaluating the site inside the forest where a damn will be built and electricity will be produced (Environmental Impact Assessment project [EIA]). My wife, like me, is still busy (or busier than me!!!) and could not find her time to share her experience here. I believe she'll post some of her findings and experience very soon.

That Sunday morning, she traveled with her team of consultants and experts with a Land Rover.

While being miles away from my working place, as a process engineer, I still have to know what's going on in my plant. My supervisors will call and update me with the plant progress. Sometimes, I'll call them to make sure everything is running smooth. I'm already used to that kind of responsibility.

Strawberries - Planted using fertigation technique

A closer look to the plant

While my wife was was temporarily away, I brought my kids, Ikhwan and Marsya to Cameron Agro-Tourism park. It was a nice, cool and pleasant place to be. It's good seeing the strawberries and various vegetables planted via fertigation system (a combination between fertilizer and irrigation). Through this system, the plants rate of growth can be controlled and speed up besides ensuring its quality. I took the opportunity to see and inspect the fertigation system set up which include pipings, pumps, valves, water tanks, blending tanks etc. I hope I can apply and use the fertigation system to grow vegetables when I have some piece of land and some capital in future.

Thought For The Day
Today, you do not find peace anywhere in the world. You see only pieces! In fact, people are breaking their own hearts into pieces. How then can peace be acquired? There is only one solution to this problem. Love God. Have faith in God. Surrender to Him. Dedicate your whole life to God and carry on every activity of yours as an offering to Him. Let all your activities be helpful to others. Help ever, hurt never. If you wish to be always happy, always pray for the welfare of others. This is the real spiritual endeavor.

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