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What is it Like Being a Chemical Engineer?

When I was a chemical engineering student, I always wonder how a chemical engineer works. Now, it's my turn to share my experiences to the juniors and that's also one of the reason this blog is created. Today's student have better advantage on learning what chemical engineering is all about. There are websites, blogs, videos, pictures and all are easily available. Enough about that... if you are still a student and wonder who does it feel to be a chemical engineer, check out the following video showing some chemical engineers explaining how they feel being a Chemical Engineer.

The second video shows some idea on what chemical engineers do...


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At Thursday, November 06, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A familiar story! I graduated as a Chemical Engineer (1977) but had a strong electronics hobby, so got a Masters in Electronic Instrumentation. This led into embedded software development and my current employment in designing high-speed industrial inkjet printers. I have maintained my interest in all these things, which includes gigabytes of interesting articles, texts, reference material, etc. I know my life is too short to "read" it all - BUT if it is in searchable format, then I can let the computer find relevent information for me. So where possible, I download searchable versions, or scan and OCR articles. If OCR isn't practicable, then I associate a brief text description. And enjoy a browse once in a while. Much of the information IS on the internet, but it is often of doubtful quality, whereas my accumulated material is normally peer-reviewed and/or from reputable sources and/or familiar, tried and trusted from my past.

At Monday, November 10, 2008, Blogger baley said...

I am a junior chemical engineer, I've been working for ~6 months now and 99% of them time I spent with Process Simulation Software Steady state and dynamic (Oil&Gas)

I have several ebooks but I hardly read them (practically never). I much rather print what I need when the need arises and for the subjects I am really interested in, I prefer to buy the books so I can more easily consult them. Besides many really good textbooks are nowhere to be found online...

Finally at the office we have an extensive library aswell.


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