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Becoming an Auditor

I was trained to become an internal auditor at my work place. Yesterday, I was audited two departments (instruction to become auditor was given two weeks earlier): "Consumer Packing Marketing Department" (CPM) and "Shipping Department". I have read both departments procedure manuals and quality objectives earlier. CPM documents are easier to comprehend and digest compared to the confusing terms and definitions for the shipping department. Then I wondered, why did they sent a process engineer like me to audit this shipping department? I knew it was not going to be easy. I don't even have any shipping background. Well, instruction was given and I have to perform the job.

Yesterday, to make things worse, the lead auditor, who happened to be a senior employee, could not join the auditing process, leaving just me and another colleague from account department. In the morning, the two of us headed to the CPM department, began the audit opening meeting and on-site document checking. It took us about 3 hours flipping and checking documents besides asking questions. The audit process when smooth, the auditees were very cooperative and easy going. The CPM department job scope and flow chart is straight forward and easy to understand. After completing the audit process, we prepared the report and conducted the closing meeting. No non-conformance was awarded. We just gave them 3 observations that they need to respond and improve with respect to some minor poor documentation control.

Later in the afternoon, we proceeded to the shipping department and met the auditees (3 person whom happen to be senior executives - 2 versus 3!!!). Deep inside my heart, I already knew that this is not going to be easy simply because I have almost no knowledge on shipping stuff! I just read the quality objectives and manuals but hardly understood them. We began the audit process and I requested for their quality objectives (they have 3 objectives). I asked for the quality objectives but got confused with all the terms, definitions, phrases, concepts etc. There were few quality objectives that they could not achieved, but they have no control of the problems. It were due to some external factors, which again, I barely understood. Then I flipped through some of their documents and checked them. At least, I noticed something that is worth an observation. At the closing meeting, we informed the shipping executives about the only observation discovered and asked them to rectify it.

Oh boy, I was glad that the audit process is over. I felt like a fool auditing the shipping department. However, I took it positively. I knew it was a priceless experience and I managed to learn various activities in CPM and shipping department. At least now, I have a better idea on how those department operates. The experience enriched me become a better auditor, besides my main job - process engineer.

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