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IEM Upcoming Events

If you are chemical engineers (or from other engineering disciplines) from Malaysia, you might be interested to enrich yourselves with good training and courses. IEM had sent me some information that I think need to be expended to others. Following is the adopted email content.

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are pleased to announce the IEM upcoming events. Kindly click on the respective URL link's to download the flyer / brochure.

  1. Talk on "Embedded Systems in Satellites" - 14 March 2009, Saturday (2 CPD/PDP) - 2nd Floor, IEM Conference Hall, Bangunan Ingenieur - ITSIG-140309-T.pdf
  2. ITSIG 11th AGM - 14 March 2009, Saturday (2 CPD/PDP) - 2nd Floor, IEM Conference Hall, Bangunan Ingenieur - ITSIG-140309-AGM.pdf
  3. Talk on "Progress Report of PEMUDAH" - 23 March 2009, Monday (2 CPD/PDP) - 2nd Floor, IEM Conference Hall, Bangunan Ingenieur - MANU-230309-T.pdf
  4. Talk on "Introduction to Airborne Contamination on Control for Operating Theatre - 26 March 2009, Thursday - 2nd Floor, IEM Conference Hall, Bangunan Ingenieur - OGMTD-260309-T.pdf
  5. 2 Day Intensive Course on "Common Commercial & Contract Administration Problem and Their Solutions" - 23 to 24 March 2009, Monday & Tuesday (16 CPD/PDP) - Hotel Armada, Petaling Jaya - MASHRAE-23240309-C.pdf
  6. Technical Visit to the Construction of Triang transfer Tunnel & Associated Project JBANS, Sungei Triang, Negeri Sembilan - 28 March 2009, Saturday (6 CPD/PDP) - Negeri Sembilan - TUSTD-280309-TV.pdf
  7. Professional Interview Workshop - 11 April 2009, Saturday (3 PDP) - Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Wisma IEM, Petaling Jaya (IEM new building) - PIB-110409-W.pdf
  8. Project Management Consultancy Survey by PMTD - (1 CPD/PDP) - PMTD-Survey.pdf

Thank you
IEM Announce

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