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Oilcrops Market Network

Recently I received this email from secretariat@mosta.org.my(MOSTA) informing about a news related to the Oil and Fats market.


The Oilcrops Market Network (OMN) is administered by the Commodities and Trade Division of FAO. The purpose of this electronic service is to provide an informal forum for the discussion, among subscribers, of issues relevant to the national and international markets for oilcrops,
oils and fats and oilcakes and meals. Users are requested to enhance the scope of the service by supplying information on current market developments, including on technical and economic factors having an impact on production, consumption, trade, stocks and prices.

The network is open, free of charge, to all the persons or firms that want to subscribe. Registered users are invited to supply articles, publications and statistical reports on the oilcrops sector in their respective countries/regions. They are also encouraged to post questions
and answers on topics of interest related to oilcrops. Contributions are welcome in either English, French or Spanish. FAO will periodically contribute its market reports on oilcrops to this network and act as a moderator, receiving and forwarding participants' messages.

In summary, the two objectives of this new service are

a. the direct exchange of information on oilcrops markets between list members via the FAO mail server;

b. the circulation of FAO's reports dealing with current developments in the world market for oilcrops.

Please address your contributions to the List-address Oilcrops-L@mailserv.fao.org (please note that the List-address is different from the address you use to subscribe to the List). The
moderator will forward your messages to the whole participants list.

It would be appreciated if, once subscribed, you send an Email to the List-address providing the following information:

a.. your name
b.. company (name and type of business)
c.. postal address
d.. tel. / fax / Email
e.. main areas of interest
f.. type of information, which you can contribute to the Network
(e.g. statistics, market commentary, newspaper clippings, weather/production reports, policy papers, etc.):-

For further information regarding the OMN, please contact:

Peter Thoenes
Commodity Specialist and
Secretary, Intergovernmental Group on Oilseeds, Oils and Fats
FAO, Commodities and Trade Division
Via Terme Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy
Phone: +3906 57053498
Fax: +3906 57054495
Email: Peter.Thoenes@fao.org
Webpage: http://www.fao.org/es/ESC/

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