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Do I Enjoy My Job?

I received an interesting question (which is this post's topic) from anonymous in the comment area in my previous post. I shall answer them based on my current (oil and fats industry). In future post, I shall reveal what I feel being in the oil and gas industry.

In the oil and fats industry, I take care (with a senior colleague) of a big physical refining plant processing the likes of palm oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil. There are also fractionation, hydrogenation, effluent, neutralizing, acidulation, packing and shortening plants. It's a huge responsibility to take care of a big plant.

I like

- It's enriching. I learn, practice and enjoy it. A lot of unit operations, process control and instrumentation. Some fluid mechanics and other subjects as well. I enjoy the learning curve.
Everyday, I will always learn new stuff. New interesting chemical engineering knowledge and practical experiences too.

- I can be the expert in certain fields. I'm gradually establishing myself in certain areas like heat exchangers/transfer, cooling tower, process control, control system, etc. There's a lot.

- Fantastic bonus and increment.


- Sometimes there are too much job to be done. Huge responsibility. Must be 24 hours alert of the production/operation (because I'm under production dept.)

- When something goes wrong in the plant, and the production target is not met, I have to answer my boss.

- I don't like too many meetings. Either with my superior or supplier. A few meetings are OK.

- One problem is I live very far from my working place. It's basically geographic problem. The distance in between is 50 km. Therefore, I've to travel at least about 100 km daily.

- Managing manpower/down line is another challenging tasks. This requires good communication and social skills. I'm still learning and improving myself in this area.

Bottom line, there'll be some pro and cons in our job. For the time being, I'll continue serving my present employee and I'll still enjoy exploring and learning.

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